Monday, November 08, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: More than a quarter of migrants at border are repeat criminal offenders - CBP

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More than a quarter of migrants at border are repeat criminal offenders - CBP: JTN
The Mask Frauds: Glenn Greenwald
More than 25,000 Afghan evacuees landed in Philly. Resettlement across US is next.: AMN

Supreme Court stepping into fight over 'welfare' immigrants: The Shill
Pelosi “Presidio” Payoff Project Gets $200 Million In “Infrastructure” Bill: Fox
4 Things to Know About Politically Activist BlackRock and Its China Investments: Fred Lucas

Raid on Project Veritas journalists once again shows two standards of justice: Rajan Laad
So now most truck drivers will be exempt from the vaccine mandates: Jazz Shaw
Antifa members attack anti-vaccine mandate protestors in Boston: PM


Disgraceful House Republicans Rescue Biden’s Flailing Agenda: Philip Klein
Republicans Help Democrats Pass Infrastructure with $0 for Border Wall: John Binder
Exclusive: SF Luxury Condos Overlook City’s Worst Squalor; ‘I Don’t Want To Be Afraid To Live Here’: KPIX 5

Sen. Barrasso: At Climate Conference Biden ‘Pledged Allegiance To The Flag Of The U.N.’: David Krayden
Granholm: Americans Should Be Grateful for Our Soaring Energy Costs: CTH
The ORC Invasion: Kevin D. Williamson (who still blocks me on Twitter)

Scandal Central

What did the FBI have on Danchenko? Deciphering a curious FBI question: Techno Fog
Where Durham is Going: Ratcliffe Highlights 8/16 WH Briefing - Team Clinton Compromising Team Obama: CTH
Ratcliffe expects 'many' more Durham indictments focused on Clinton-Russia 'collusion' dossier: Jerry Dunleavy

FBI Lost HD Rittenhouse Video, Never Told The Defense It Existed: Kira Mautone
Stop Looking at Danchenko, Start Looking at Andrew Weissmann and Robert Mueller: CTH
We Are Finally Uncovering the Center of the Scandal of the Steele Dossier: Roger Kimball


Russiagate has no rock bottom: Aaron Maté
3 Points On The Media: Gleen Greenwald
Is Antisemitism Official Policy at Twitter?: UWI


Pentagon’s China Military Power Report Confirms Beijing’s Nuclear Ambitions: Patty-Jane Geller
Customs Seizes Imports From Chinese Company Backed By Kerry Investments: Alana Goodman
Russia, China Leaders Total No-Shows at UN Climate Conference: Thomas Catenacci

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

COVID-19 Continues to Spread in China, Authorities Admit Changes in Virus DNA Sequence: Alex Wu
Peloton and the psychology of exercise: Trung Phan
How to Prevent Lyme Disease: ET


Hundreds of Ancient Maya Sites Hidden Under Mexico Reveal a Mysterious Blueprint: Peter Dockrill
The Sky Above…: American Digest
It’s The Supply Chain Stupid! And OPEC. Let’s Go Brandon!: MOTUS

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