Friday, November 05, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Flurry of lawsuits to greet Biden administration's illegal vaccine mandate

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Flurry of lawsuits to greet Biden administration's illegal vaccine mandate: Haisten Willis
Why Progressives Ruin Democrats: Michael Shellenberger
VA and NJ elections show backlash against Democrats' COVID policies: Kaylee McGhee White

Our Media Apparently Decides Who Won the NJ Gubernatorial Election: M. Dowling
Racine Co. Sheriff refers criminal charges against 5 election commissioners: Henry Redman
Radical Marxists at DOJ Sue Over Texas Voting Law That Requires… Voter ID: Daniel Chaitin

Rand Paul Confronts Anthony Fauci Over Lies About Funding Virus Weaponization: CTH
Fauci Just Can't Stop Lying to Rand Paul and to the Rest of Us: Scott Hounsell
John Durham Needs to Look Toward Mary McCord: CTH


Epic Fail: L.A. Ports Are More Clogged Now Than Before Biden’s Supply Chain ‘Fix’: I & I
Fertilizer shortages threaten to spike food costs: Jeremy Beaman
Biden Warns He Will Surveil & Fine Businesses $136,532 Over Illegal Vax Fiat: M. Dowling

U.S. Coal Sold Out for 2022 as Demand Rises on Surging Natural Gas Prices: Bloomberg
White House Spox Attempts to Cover For Joe Biden Not Knowing About DOJ Settlement to Pay Illegal Aliens: CTH
Economy beats expectations with 530,000 jobs in October, unemployment declines to 4.6%: Zachary Halaschak

Scandal Central

Steele Dossier Source Arrested As Part of Durham Probe Into Russia Collusion Hoax: Debra Heine
The Igor Danchenko Indictment: Techno Fog
Durham Office: Steele source Danchenko charged with 5 counts of lying to FBI: Jerry Dunleavy

Steele Dossier Instigator Igor Danchenko Arrested; Was Working With Democrat Campaign Official: CTH
Arrest Of Steele Dossier Source A "Seismic Development": ZH
Tucker Carlson says Capitol Rioters in prison awaiting trial are 'American prisoners of war': Daily Mail


Jemele Hill thinks the election of a black woman is white supremacy: Christopher Tremoglie
CNN report on rising milk prices for families is mocked by progressive media figures on Thursday: Althouse
It's Not About the Milk: Kira Davis


Chinese People Think China Is Popular Overseas. Americans Disagree.: Brian Wong
Inexplicable Situation In Western Australia – Hospitals Overwhelmed, Vaccinations Continue: CTH
(New Normal) Winter is Coming: CJ Hopkins

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Italian Institute of Health Drastically Reduces Its Official COVID Death Toll Number: Summit
Eric Adams says he’ll take first three paychecks in bitcoin as he ups ante vs. Miami: Will Feuer
‘World’s most battered’ great white shark seen covered in scars and bite marks in incredible video: The Sun


Way Back Wednesday: Feral Irishman
Brian Stelter Comfort Suckle: Earl of Taint
At Warped Speed: MOTUS


Anonymous said...

My Uncle has managed to come stay with us and his wife speaks a lot for him but I keep him locked in an upstairs room where he curses, defecates, and makes pronouncements behind his locked door... a lot like Joe Biden. I take the bucket of waste out and feed him twice a day and happily take the money he gives me though the amounts are meager.
I have noticed that my family is listening to his threats and doing what he says to the exclusion of all reason... a lot like America. I am working with his gaudy wife to keep him chained to the wall and muffle his voice with a fully padded football helmet and I tell my kids they are free to ignore his ranting but they obey him anyway... a lot like America. This is my new normal and they tell me that is normal.

commoncents said...


Anonymous said...

Adolph Inslee has said today if you're not vaxxed you no workee in his State.
36 years in business ends with a silent "beat it bitch".
The only thing I would return to WA State for is to watch Jay's hanging in Olympia, and what I leave on his grave won't pass for flowers.