Sunday, November 07, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Joe Biden is all-in for open borders

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Joe Biden is all-in for open borders: Examiner
Joe Biden Mocks the American People: They’re Too Stupid To Understand Supply Chains: CTH
The Big Truth: Election 2020 Really Was Rigged: James Arlandson

The 5th Circuit issued an emergency stay of Biden’s vaccine mandate: Alex Berenson
Why Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate is unconstitutional: John Yoo
U.S. Fifth Circuit Issues Temporary Injunction Blocking OSHA Vaccination Mandate: CTH

The FBI Just Admitted Something Terrifying: RS
The Biden Regime Will Turn the Military on the People Unless We Push Back: J. Lippincott
New Hampshire debates big, contentious change to US House map: The Shill


Food Prices Vault to Highest Level in a Decade: Tom Ozimek
Biden Admin May Shut Down Oil Pipeline In Michigan As Gas Prices Skyrocket Across U.S.: Ryan Saavedra
Giveaway to Big Tech in Build Back Better will hurt American workers: Reps. Hagerty and Banks

Biden angrily defends DOJ plans for $450K migrant separation payouts: Mary Kay Linge
Disturbing and Unstable, Extreme Anger Flows from Joe Biden as He Shouts at Journalist Asking Question: CTH
De Blasio’s insane ban on propane heaters will crush NYC’s dining scene: Steve Cuozzo

Scandal Central

Durham's latest indictment: More lines drawn to Clinton's campaign: Jonathan Turley
Inside the Clinton dossier and the con behind the Russiagate scandal: Kimberley Strassel
Powerful NJ Democrat, Steve Sweeney, Will Not Concede Election Because He Just "Found" 12,000 Ballots: CTH


Something Being Overlooked in the Danchenko Indictment – A Bigger Indictment of U.S. Media: CTH
Matt Taibbi rips Rachel Maddow for defending Russiagate amid Durham probe revelations: 'Shocking new low': Fox
Never Trumpers and Black Lives Matter Have the Same Backer: Daniel Greenfield


A Note About Modern Fascism: CTH
New Team and New Fears in Tehran: Amir Taheri
Palestinian Leaders Consider All of Israel a ‘Settlement’: Sean Durns

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Letter confirms Wuhan lab’s COVID-19 leak was funded by US taxpayers: Joel Zinberg
Why Do They Want to Vaccinate Children?: Vasko Kohlmayer
Are An Alarming Number of Athletes Dropping Dead After Getting the COVID Vaccination?: GraniteGrok


Missing teen girl rescued after using TikTok hand gestures to let driver know she was in danger: Jordan Unger, Fox-8
"What he does is absolutely insane": Meet the 82-year-old pole vaulter setting records: Steve Hartman
Advantage: USA!: MOTUS

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