Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Top 20 Tweets from BadBlue Tonight, 11.24.21: "The Epstein/Maxwell Cover-Up Continues Apace"

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commoncents said...

Mr. Beast Philanthropy - I Fed 10,000 Families For Thanksgiving!

MMinWA said...

That NFL clip is more football then I've watched in years. And ya know what, I think it'll hold me over till I pass.

MichiganCPA said...

#6: My daughter tutors a 4th grader on weekends because, well, his grandpa can pay her and he thinks his grandson is being held back by his public school. He's testing at 7th grade in math and reading. He's confident and a leader already. Holding back achievers does not create equity. It makes it worse. People with resources will find ways to get their kids the math skills the government is withholding.

#9: This is nothing new. Another daughter checked all the boxes to go to the top schools except for one. You can guess which one. Her National Honor Society participation had her tutoring students in Math and Science. 5 of the kids she tutored were accepted to the University of Michigan over her even with lower GPA and testing scores. She learned a life lesson and is where she wanted to be 7 years later regardless, it just took a different path.

Veritas said...

Cowards in Georgia decided they rather crucify innocent men than face BLM.