Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Consumer Group Exposes BlackRock’s Ties to Chinese Communist Party

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Consumer Group Exposes BlackRock’s Ties to Chinese Communist Party: Douglas Blair
Republican conservatives vs. the Chamber of Commerce and big business: Oren Cass
Rittenhouse Prosecution's Rebuttal Argument Was So Bad It Made Jaws Drop: Nick Arama

Only the Rich and Powerful Can Thrive in Lawless San Francisco: Jarrett Stepman
New 10,000-strong migrant group leaving for U.S. on day North American summit starts: BR
These. People. Are. Not. Stable.: CTH

DeSantis Takes Aim at ‘America’s Ruling Class’: Rob Bluey
Loudoun County teen convicted of rape pleads no contest in 2nd sex case: Virginia Aabram
Tom Cotton: Biden has surrounded himself with a team of incompetents: Fox


White House Now Blaming Unvaccinated Children for High Inflation: CTH
Why progressives ruin cities: A conversation with Michael Shellenberger: Examiner
Democrats Are Lying About Critical Race Theory: Marc Thiessen

Democratic 'billionaire tax' would damage stock ownership, critics say: Zachary Halaschak
U.S. Economy Is "Irreversibly Broken" And "Staggeringly Corrupt": ZH
Democrats Like Me Are Furious With Our Party For Pushing Gender Insanity: Kara Dansky

Scandal Central

1/6 Commission Chair Bennie Thompson Backed Insurrectionists Seeking Violent U.S. Takeover: Kay Smythe
Steve Bannon Speaks After Court Hearing: “This is going to be the misdemeanor from hell” for Democrats: CTH
After Steele source indictment, will Durham charge FBI agents?: Jerry Dunleavy

Cotton probes for DOJ employees spilling beans on investigation into missing Ashley Biden diary: Daniel Chaitin
Left-Leaning Commission Calls on Biden Administration to Develop Strategy to Counter ‘Disinformation’: Jennie Taer
Mark Levin: The media spews hate and bigotry: Global Herald


Joy Reid is a racist sociopath: Miranda Devine
Fact-Checkers Had Their Facts About Rittenhouse’s Gun Rights All Wrong: Kylee Zempel
MSNBC host says people can afford higher prices: Need to put inflation 'in perspective': Matthew Miller


China's Military Modernization: Judith Bergman
Biden and Xi seek detente, but build ‘no new guardrails’ around looming Taiwan crisis: Joel Gehrke
The military keeps finding it did nothing wrong when it investigates itself: Task and Purpose

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Biggest Covid Delta outbreak hits university town in China: RT
The modelers admit reality (maybe for the first time ever): Alex Berenson
500 stung when rare storm brings out swarm of scorpions in Egypt: Misty Severi


Why they hate the 1950s: Don Surber
Libturd Tuesday ~ Part 1: Woodsterman
That’s What Happens When Society Collapses: MOTUS


Anonymous said...

"Consumer Group Exposes BlackRock’s Ties to Chinese Communist Party: Douglas Blair"

Reminds me of an exchange from the movie Casablanca:

Major Strasser: Captain, are you entirely certain which side you are on?
Captain Renault: I have no conviction, if that's what you mean. I blow with wind, and the prevailing wind happens to be from Vichy.

A Pure Capitalist is a mercenary, always seeking to create, expand, and preserve profit.

Just that simple.

Anonymous said...

Doug posted a picture some years ago of a beautiful lady with storm clouds behind her that portended America's doom.
And now we see this Country lined up as a bunch of limp dicks in a Kenosha courtroom while an Attorney points an uncleared rifle at them and there was not a one willing to jump the barrier at the danger and beat Mr. Fancy Pants with it.
America in its present state disgusts me. FJB.