Friday, November 12, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: The FBI raided Project Veritas on a pretext and is now illegally leaking its files to the NY Times

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FBI raided O'Keefe on a pretext and illegally leaking files to NY Times: Will Chamberlain
Democrats Committed to Criminal Justice Reform -- For All But Their Enemies: Greenwald
J6 Committee Misleading Witnesses About Republican Staff Presence: Mollie Hemingway

President Trump Delivers a Direct Message to the Republican Party in Washington, DC: CTH
Federal court orders DOJ to stop extracting data from O’Keefe's phones: Daniel Chaitin
In ‘Deep Blue’ NY, Voters Reject Democrat Push for Election Changes: Fred Lucas

‘Build Back Better’ Bill Would Build a Huge IRS Bureaucracy: Preston Brashers
NSBA and White House worked on memo comparing parents to terrorists: Jerry Dunleavy
Prosecutors crash and burn in Kyle Rittenhouse case, but only one side sees it: Turley


Arizona school board member had 'dossier' of private information on ‘wacko’ parents: Jeremiah Poff
Scottsdale Assures Parents After School Board’s Secret Dossier Discovered: AzFreeNews
Biden's $65B broadband boost won't be shelled out in time to help Democrats in 2022: Nihal Krishan

Manchin throws cold water on union-built electric vehicle credit in Democratic bill: Jeremy Beaman
My Son’s English Teacher Showed a Transgender Activist’s Video in Class.: Matt Schoenfeldt
Giving themselves a raise: Haisten Willis

Scandal Central

Danchenko Indictment: Innocent Man Sergei Millian Was Framed By Democrat Operatives: Paul Sperry
What Did Obama Know and When Did He Know It?: Jack Cashill
When Adam Schiff loved the dossier: Byron York

The January 6 Insurrection Hoax: Roger Kimball
DOJ and FBI gave cover to Steele dossier source accused of lying: Jerry Dunleavy
DHS Refuses to Disclose Data on the Release of Illegal Immigrants: Carter


Joe Biden Calls Satchel Paige A “Great Negro”: Media Says Biden Did Not Say What He Said: CTH
America's most vaccinated state is seeing its highest cases of the pandemic: Hot Air
Biden salutes "the great Negro," Satchel Paige: Hot Air


China’s New Strategic Weapon Has ‘Unlimited Range.’ Here’s What That Means for US.: Christian Mysliwiec
Group Biden Removed From Terror Watch List Storms U.S. Embassy in Yemen, Takes Hostages: MEMRI
Biden's Disastrous Decision to Remove Houthis From FTO List Blasted After Yemen Attack: Leah Barkoukis

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

CDC: We Have No Records of Any Person With Recovered Immunity Ever Transmitting COVID-19: CTH
‘Lab-leak’ and natural origin proponents face off—civilly—in forum on pandemic origins: Science Magazine
Congress feeds nuclear industry billions to support new reactors and existing fleet: Jeremy Beaman


Cutest baby animals from around the world: ABC
Let's Have A Fun Friday ~ 1: Woodsterman
How It Started and How It’s Going: MOTUS

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