Sunday, November 14, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: The Continued American Awakening As To The True Nature of The FBI and DOJ

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The Continued American Awakening As To The True Nature of The FBI and DOJ: CTH
The Biden Administration’s Documented and Unprecedented Levels of Lying: Rep. Chip Roy
No “Work Arounds”: Fifth Circuit Cites Biden’s Chief of Staff In Killing Vaccine Mandate: Turley

Biden's Communist Treasury Pick Wants All Bank Accounts to be Owned by the Fed: Pavlich
When Looking at Treasury Nominee Omarova, Do Not Forget Liz Warren’s “CFPB”: CTH
Tax & Spy: Treasury Department Buying App Data to Investigate Private Citizens.: DrillDown

All He Had Was a Handgun: Clarice Feldman
Missouri Utility Warns Of Blackouts As Biden Considers Shutting Pipeline: Thomas Catenacci
Letter to a Colluder: Stop Enabling Tyranny: Margaret Anna Alice


Kerry's climate surrender to China won't save the planet: Examiner
Obama and the false prophets of climate alarmism: Christopher Tremoglie
Obama econ adviser: Dems' SALT cap change is worse than I thought: Ed Morrissey

Scandal Central

The DOJ and FBI have combined to destroy Project Veritas: Andrea Widburg
As America Falls Apart, Profits Soar: Matt Taibbi
January 6 political prisoners evacuated on stretchers after guards gas them: Andrea Widburg

Bannon indictment: Joe Biden takes another political prisoner: Monica Showalter
Why Special Counsel John Durham Subpoenaed The Brookings Institution: Margot Cleveland
Mark Levin: Was This Attack On The Capitol Building On January 6 Instigated By The FBI?: Tim Hains


When All The Media Narratives Collapse: Andrew Sullivan
Washington Post Begins Wiping Articles That Used the Steele Dossier to Promote Trump-Russia Hoax: CTH
Dave Portnoy debunks Business Insider hit piece with messages from accusers: PM

Has the Antiracist Movement Become a Counterproductive Religion?: David Edward Burke
Far Left Company Ben and Jerry’s Push False Rittenhouse Narrative: CTH
Cruz slams Dan Rather over Biden vaccine mandate take: 'fired for chronic lying': Fox


Yes, Austria will lock down all of the unvaccinated... permanently?: Jazz Shaw
'Depart Haiti now,’ US gov’t tells Americans; evangelical pastor shot, child killed: Christian Post
China and India are right to keep coal: Samir Shah

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

China blew up one of its satellites with a missile years ago and nearly destroyed International Space Station: NTB
Twitter shouldn’t be hiding basic app improvements behind its Blue paywall: Chaim Gartenberg
What Google’s €2.4 billion appeal loss says about Big Techs business models: TNW


Surviving WW2 Veteran Recounts Harrowing Story Of The Lack Of Trans Representation On D-Day: Babylon Bee
Smash The Machine: MOTUS
Annual Thanksgiving Recipe Thread: CTH

1 comment:

Average Joe Bro said...

Saule Omarova- "rejoice peasants, all you own now belongs us the glorious State!"
Seems everyone China Joe nominates for a position is a Marxist who is hell bent on destroying this country. There is approximately 15 TRILLION dollars on deposit in the USA, with the swamp salivating over how to steal and spend it just like with Social Security. They can then take what they feel is " your fair share" of taxes and give you an I.O.U. for what's left if anything.
You don't have a vax ID? Sorry you can't withdraw any money... . You want to buy a gun? Sorry you can't withdraw any money....You want to buy a gas powered car? Sorry you can't withdraw any money.... You posted " hate speech" on FB about there being only two genders? Sorry you can't withdraw any money... You don't like what we're teaching you kids in school? Sorry you can't withdraw any money....