Saturday, November 13, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: AG Garland Weaponizes DOJ With Political Indictment of Steve Bannon for Contempt of Congress

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AG Garland Weaponizes DOJ With Political Indictment of Steve Bannon: CTH
History Will Grind Out the Truth: Victor Davis Hanson
Adam Schiff's disgraceful legacy: Fox

DOJ Stand Down: Robert A. Hahn
Florida Highway Patrol have busted human smuggling operations 4 times this week: WTSP
L.A. Police tell residents to cooperate with robbers as robberies increase: Hannah Nightingale

DoD's Kirby: China and Climate Change are "Equally Important" Threats to US: Attkisson
On Changing My Name Because I Am A Scientist: Alyina Chan
This Is Not Your Father’s Normal Democratic Party: Deroy Murdock


8 big problems with Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ bill: Brian Riedl
Panic, Power, And Profit Were Made For Each Other: Steve Apfel
Rivian, the Government Unicorn: EV truck maker is worth $120.5 billion. It has sold 156 vehicles.: WSJ

Biden's Budget Gives $800M in Cash Payments to Illegals Freed into U.S.: John Binder
California Fraudsters Get Rich Off Unemployment Benefits: Adam Andrzejewski
California’s Unemployment May Be Even Worse Than The Officials Numbers Show: CBS-12

Scandal Central

Steve Bannon indicted for contempt of Pelosi’s illegal Jan. 6 investigation: Christopher Hutton
Durham wins over toughest critic with revelations of Dem scheme behind Trump-Russia probe: Jeff Mordock
Andrew Cuomo barred his health dept. from working with NYC officials during pandemic, ex-honcho says: Post

The Temptations of Tyranny: Peter Hughes
With All Eyes on Hillary in Russian Collusion Hoax, What About Obama?: Mike Miller
Report: Record 164 Ships Wait Off California Coast to Unload Goods: Breitbart


Enes Kanter Says NBA Officials Threatened To Ban Him For Criticizing China: David Hookstead
What with all the bad news about vaccine failure, the UT crew needs a laugh…: Alex Berenson
New Jersey Democracy Died in Darkness?: Tim Graham

Some journalists and court watchers admit initial bias in Rittenhouse trial: Barnini Chakraborty
Kyle Rittenhouse’s mom blasts Biden, claims he ‘defamed’ her son: Kenneth Garger
Anti-Semitism at the University of Chicago: Alan M. Dershowitz


The 'Squad' Joins the China Appeasement Caucus: Daniel Greenfield
Human Rights Violations: European Union Gives Iran's Mullahs Full Impunity: Majid Rafizadeh
Boris Johnson: France isn’t doing enough to stop Channel migrants: Telegraph

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Worldwide vaccine failure: Alex Berenson
The Metaverse Is the Ultimate Surveillance Tool: Matthew Gault
NASA’s Juno spacecraft captures a stunning photo of ‘mocha swirls’ on Jupiter: Daily Mail


Getty Wedding Guest List Shows Exactly Who California’s Political Elite Are Listening To: Haley Strack
Let's Have A Fun Friday ~ 2: Woodsterman
Report From The ‘Rust’ Belt.: MOTUS

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