Tuesday, May 07, 2024

Larwyn’s Linx: Activist Judge Juan Merchan Threatens to Jail President as Part of Political Lawfare Strategy

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 • Activist Judge Juan Merchan Threatens to Jail President as Part of Dem Lawfare Strategy CTH
 • The Manhattan D.A.'s office is playing a very dangerous game in Donald Trump's trial Berenson
 • The DOJ's Doctored Crime Scene Photo of Mar-a-Lago Raid Julie Kelly
 • Biden’s Gaza-Refugee Import Scheme Deserves Drone Strike Deroy Murdock
 • Report: US holding up sale of thousands of precision weapons to Israel JNS
 • Israeli diplomatic source: Biden could ‘throw Israel under the bus’ JNS
 • Trump Trial Smasher: DA's Witness Testifies Trump Did Not Direct Payments to Michael Cohen Ward Clark
 • Biden DOJ Official Prosecuting Trump Received Thousands of Dollars From DNC Jason Cohen
 • Biden Admin Tries to Control National Guard, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Claps Back RS
 • Unrepresentative Government Christopher Roach
 • South Carolina Agency: The Feds Force Us To Give Voter Registration To Foreign Nationals M.D. Kittle
 • Columbia University Succumbs to the Mob, Cancels Graduation Ceremony Jarrett Stepman

Scandal Central

 • Read the Indictment Against Henry Cuellar to Understand Why Congress Never Challenges the Intelligence Community CTH
 • Peak Mueller – DOJ Concealing Legal Predicate to Spy on Congressional Staff in 2017 CTH
 • Trump Company Comptroller Testifies He Alone Determined to Classify Cohen Payment as “Legal Expense” CTH


 • Is the End Near? Victor Davis Hanson Ponders Threat of Annihilation Rob Bluey
 • Israeli, US lawyers call on Biden to halt ICC indictments of Israeli officials JNS
 • The Sickness of Israel-Hating Jews Dennis Prager


 • The long delay in Israel’s final Gaza offensive has harmed everyone except terrorists Robert Zimmerman
 • Son of Hamas founder: Hamas ceasefire proposal is a trap JPost
 • IDF takes operational control of Rafah crossing JNS


 • It's 2020 All Over Again. Google Bans Trump Ad Targeting Black Voters RS
 • Biden Shows Even Reading Is a Problem Now, As He Loses to the Teleprompter at Black Knights Event Nick Arama
 • American Universities Are On A Death Spiral, And We Should Help Them Along Jason Garfield


 • The three reasons people hate Trump…and you can change two of them Brent Hamachek
 • Train Meets Tornado: Follow up to the Waverly, NE tornado post Feral Irishman
 • Tuesday Wants To Be About Libturds ~ AM Woodsterman

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