Thursday, May 02, 2024

Larwyn’s Linx: Here Come The Pre-Planned Riots of 2024!

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 • Here Come The Pre-Planned Riots of 2024! Emerald
 • Intifada hurt Democrats Don Surber
 • Don’t compromise with pro-Hamas students; expel or suspend them Jonathan S. Tobin
 • Obama’s third term sending 80% of illegal third world immigrants to Florida Unsafe
 • All Hell Breaks Out At UCLA As Marxist Protesters Battle Cops ZH
 • Democrats: GOP Weaponizing Antisemitism by Bringing Up Bills We’ll Vote Against Breitbart
 • Will Trump Survive This? James Rickards
 • Leftwing Activists Talk About Boosting Votes Among Prisoners, Noncitizens at White House Meeting Fred Lucas
 • Illegal Immigrant Murders Girlfriend, Toddler in Florida PJ Media


 • Can The Current Universities Be Saved? Victor Davis Hanson
 • Anti-Israel Encampment Established at Fordham University Hours After Police Raided Others Breitbart
 • The Culture We Are Importing M Dowling

Scandal Central

 • Did the 2014 Ebola Outbreak Originate with an NIH-Funded Lab in Sierra Leone? Hard Facts [Ed: We got Fauci’d!]
 • Undercover: CIA Project Manager Admitted They Spied on Trump M Dowling
 • Clarence Thomas Questions Jack Smith's Appointment As Trump Prosecutor Kevin Downey Jr.a


 • The Pro-Hamas Antics on College Campuses Is Starting to Make Dems Nervous Matt Vespa
 • Cuomo: Pro-Hamas Camps the ‘Intersection of Ignorance and Arrogance’ Nicholas Fondacaro
 • Polls Show Mike Johnson’s Betrayals Have Fueled Historic Approval Plummeting Among Republicans Breitbart


 • Explain How This Helps America Kunstler
 • Biden's Red Sea Failure Shown In One Map ZH
 • NYU: Over half arrested for anti-Israel riots not tied to school JNS


 • 5 Takeaways From Peter Daszak’s Testimony On U.S.-Funded Coronavirus Research Shawn Fleetwood
 • "It Was Brutal": 2nd Boeing-Linked Whistleblower Dies ZH
 • Sen. Kennedy Ends Climate Witness With Jawdropping Final Line Nick Arama


 • Gas-Powered Pogo Sticks, The Hop Rod Pete Stanaitis
 • Lawmakers Praise UNC Students for Protecting American Flag from Protesters Breitbart
 • I Love It When A Libturd Thursday Comes Together ~ AM Woodsterman

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