Thursday, May 30, 2024

Larwyn’s Linx: The Merchan Scale

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 • The Merchan Scale T.L. Davis
 • Judge Merchan's Instruction to the Jury Will Leave Your Jaw on the Floor Stephen Green
 • Trump’s Trial Has Already Damaged the Office of the Presidency John Yoo
 • Trump Jury Verdict Watch: Jury Deliberations Begin in Hush Money Trial LI
 • "This Is Insanity": Judge In Trump Case Issues Unbelievable Jury Instructions ZH
 • Trump 'Hush Money' Judge Slams Defense Lawyer Yet Again Jazz Shaw
 • Justices may shrink the bureaucracy Don Surber
 • Convention? What Convention? Dems Kill Biden Escape Hatch Ed Morrissey
 • Dan Bongino Interviews President Trump During Jury Deliberations CTH


 • Seattle Squatters Smug As County Swamped With 'Enormous Backlog' Of Eviction Cases ZH
 • Fetterman gets standing ovation at Yeshiva graduation for removing Harvard robe hood JNS
 • Here’s Why We’re Where We Are Eric Peters Autos

Scandal Central

 • Our Revolutionary Times Victor Davis Hanson
 • Stefanik Complaint: Judge Merchan Was ‘Intentionally Selected’ To Ensure Trump Is Convicted Federalist
 • Democrats’ Election Worker ‘Threat’ Narrative Is A Bald-Faced Scare Tactic We’ve Seen Before Federalist


 • NYT shocked that a judge is prepared Don Surber
 • The Media Guide to Shooting Joggers Unsafe
 • Corporate Media Think Voters Are Dumb Enough To Believe Biden’s Border Invasion Is ‘Quieting’ Jordan Boyd


 • IDF in control of Philadelphi Corridor, 20 tunnels found JNS
 • Biden opens up access to U.S. banks to communist Cuba’s ‘private’ businesses Alberto de la Cruz
 • Shooting attack on Montreal Jewish school sparks outrage JNS


 • Tedros Must Face Reality Dr. David Bell
 • IDF downs cruise missile over Golan Heights JNS
 • Biden’s Gaza “Pier to Nowhere” a Disaster and National Embarrassment, Breaks Apart LI


 • "Go Find Another Job": Judge Judy Slams Progressive DAs, Says They'd Be Better Suited Selling Ice Cream ZH
 • Jill Biden to The View: Trump vs Biden is Battle Against Evil and Chaos Karen Townsend
 • Once Again It's Libturd Thursday ~ AM Woodsterman

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commoncents said...

Re Post - "I never voted for Trump (voted for Hillary in 2016) and I just donated $300K to his campaign"