Monday, May 06, 2024

Larwyn’s Linx: Why does the world accept the rape, torture and slaughter of Jews?

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 • Why does the world accept the rape, torture and slaughter of Jews? Don Surber
 • Camp Intifada: Students for Theocratic Authoritarianism Clarice Feldman
 • Biden’s Cognitive Decline Gets Worse; His Campaign’s New Strategy Proves It PJ Media
 • The Moral Imperative of October 7 Jonathan Verlin and E. Jeffrey Ludwig
 • Joe Biden, Dearborn Shahid, Commits Political Suicide via Hamas Appeasement Josh Hammer
 • An unholy alliance: Leftism and Islamism Amil Imani
 • The End of Old Left-wing Mythologies Victor Davis Hanson
 • Pro-Hamas Protests Funded by Biden’s Own Political Donors Breitbart
 • We're Now in Full Goat Rodeo Mode in the NYC Trump Trial Victoria Taft


 • Obama Biden Withholding Aid From Israel David Strom
 • Biden Administration Finalizes Rule To Allow Illegal Aliens To Enroll In 'Obamacare' ZH
 • University Of California Now Discriminates Based On Parental Income, Education ZH

Scandal Central

 • Obama Biden to Trade Nukes to Terrorists for Election Day Bribes Daniel Greenfield
 • Unscientific American James B. Meigs
 • To Confirm Voters’ U.S. Citizenship, States Could Easily Check DMV Data Federalist


 • Trump Says Jack Smith Should Be "Arrested" After Documents Revelation ZH
 • Analysis: Joe Biden’s ‘Blue Wall’ Crumbles Under Weight of Donald Trump’s Comeback Breitbart
 • On January 6, did America’s highest-level military officers willfully disobey their Commander in Chief? Andrea Widburg


 • A somber Israel marks Holocaust Remembrance Day JNS
 • Macron Again Struts Feathers, NATO Troop Paranoia, & More @Simplicius76
 • Opponents Of Ukraine War Funding Persuaded U.S. Allies To Finally Increase Defense Spending Federalist


 • Even when Covid vaccine advocates try to tell the truth about the mRNAs, they wind up lying Alex Berenson
 • Ten More Boeing Whistleblowers Jazz Shaw
 • Hamas-linked commandos steal $70m from Gaza banks JNS


 • Sunday Thoughts: The Awesomeness of God's General Revelation Chris Queen
 • Sunday Smiles David Strom
 • Sunday Strip: Where the Wild Things are Robert W Malone

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