Friday, May 17, 2024

Larwyn’s Linx: Suspected Terrorists Illegally Entering US Up Over 2,500% Under Biden From Trump Era

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 • Suspected Terrorists Illegally Entering US Up Over 2,500% Under Biden From Trump Era DC
 • The Trial Against Trump Will Throw the Election into Chaos Eli Lake
 • Democratic Voting Rights Act Lawsuit Could Mean Less Democratic Seats BattleSwarm
 • Obama World’s Fingerprints Are All Over Campus Chaos DC
 • In Michigan, Leftists Have Started Knocking on Doors in the Middle of the Night Robert Spencer
 • Biden Fundraises Off Lawfare Circus After Taunting Trump For Being Stuck In Court Brianna Lyman
 • Rep. Hageman [R] Outlines Rep. Dan Goldman [D] Connection to NYC Trial Against Trump CTH
 • Defund Jack Smith. Then Investigate Him. Julie Kelly
 • Hispanics and Young Voters Flee from Biden Steve Cortes


 • #Bidenomics Update: Walmart Feeling Pret-tee Smug Right Now Beege
 • Supreme Court Upholds Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Tyler O'Neil
 • ‘You’re Lying!’: Fox’s Neil Cavuto Calls Out White House Adviser For Biden ‘Misrepresenting’ Inflation DC

Scandal Central

 • Another “rightwing COVID conspiracy theory” proves to be true Robert Zimmerman
 • Francis Collins' House Testimony Released Robert W Malone
 • Only America First Can Reverse the Global Chaos Caused by the Biden Administration Fred Fleitz
 • Trump Attorney Delivers a Perry Mason Moment Against Michael Cohen Victoria Taft
 • Biden Stressing as DOJ Prosecutes His Crackhead Whoremonger Gun Criminal Son? Ace
 • ‘Incestual’: Anna Paulina Luna Reveals Ties Between Judge Merchan’s Daughter, Kamala Harris DC


 • Censorship: A Global Pandemic John Stossel
 • CNN Throws in the Towel on NY Trump Case David Strom
 • Nearly 100 Retired General Officers Urge America to Maintain Support for Israel David Strom


 • Hamas-UN Bullshit Blood Libel Bastiat’s Window
 • Israel and the US split over the ‘day after’ JNS
 • Exposed: Blinken's Romp Through Kyiv Was Worse Than We Thought Karen Townsend


 • Tech giants' self-made AI energy crisis Alex Epstein
 • TikTok’s ‘Attention Economy’ Warps Our Wallets And Brains Federalist
 • Twitter is officially now Jay Peters


 • The NFL’s Condemnation Of Harrison Butker Exemplifies The Left’s Anti-Christian Bigotry Federalist
 • I smell a rat Pete Colan
 • Is GameStop the Greatest Internet Meme Stock Sting? Shenandoah

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