Sunday, May 05, 2024

Larwyn’s Linx: The Neo-Nazi Left

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 • The Neo-Nazi Left Frontpage
 • Iran and the US Administration: Mocking US Sanctions Majid Rafizadeh
 • Confirmed: Nearly Half of Protesters Are Not Students or Faculty Jazz Shaw
 • Time to End the Proposed WHO Treaty Now Robert W Malone
 • Never Forget How These People Took Our Freedom Over Lies M Dowling
 • Democrats’ Election Schemes Center on Shifting Power From Voters To Party Bosses Federalist


 • Left-Wing Groups, Veteran Activists Reportedly Trained Anti-Israel Protesters For Months DC
 • Battery Storage is 141 Times More Expensive Than Liquefied Natural Gas Storage EBB Network
 • George Washington Students Hold 'People's Tribunal,' Call for Faculty's Deaths PJ Media

Scandal Central

 • Unsealed documents show White House coordinating on Trump Documents Case Julie Kelly
 • Trump Just Made Huge Point About 'Unconstitutional' Gag Order in His NYC Case Victoria Taft
 • DOJ to Sue Iowa If They Try to Enforce Immigration Law M Dowling


 • ‘I Don’t Think So’: Bill Maher Criticizes Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness For ‘Jew-Hating’ Protesters DC
 • Israel’s Cabinet approves immediate closure of Al Jazeera JNS
 • ‘Think About It’: Kevin O’Leary Warns Anti-Israel College Protesters Of ‘Deep Dive’ By Employers DC


 • Gaza Pier Paused Over Rough Seas, Pentagon Calls Project "Extremely Challenging" ZH [Ed: maybe call Trump?]
 • Hezbollah launches rockets at Israel after deadly south Lebanon strike Breitbart
 • Iranian Warship On The Move Amid Houthi Threat To Attack Ships Bloomberg
 • Ukraine is running out of battlefield options UnHerd
 • China Has 350 Warships. The US Has 290. That’s a problem. Bloomberg
 • Stop megaphone diplomacy, China urges New Zealand after Winston Peters raises Pacific security worries SCMP


 • "I've Been Totally Ghosted": After Install, Solar Panels Become Maintenance Nightmare ZH
 • Israel Is Shooting Down A Lot Of Its Own Drones TWZ
 • Russia’s Anti-Satellite Nuke Could Leave Lower Orbit Unusable, Test Vehicle May Already Be Deployed TWZ


 • ‘Ozempic Face’ Destroying the Hollywood Beautiful People? Ben Bartee
 • Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘black book’ with 221 additional high-profile names is being sold to a secret bidder Post
 • Sunday Meme Drop Non-Original Rants

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