Thursday, May 09, 2024

Larwyn’s Linx: The Democrat Party’s Antisemitism Went Mainstream With Barack Obama

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 • The Democrat Party’s Antisemitism Went Mainstream With Barack Obama Federalist
 • Of course he does - “Judge” Merchan gags a key witness for Trump’s defense Byron York
 • What if Donald Trump just walked out of New York’s kangaroo court? Berenson
 • Biden’s Israel threat slammed by pro-Israel lawmakers, mainstream Jewish groups Insider
 • Johnson, McConnell demand answers on Biden’s Israel arms delay JNS
 • Erdan: Biden’s pause of arms encourages Israel’s enemies JNS
 • Timeline: DOJ, NARA and Biden White House Framed Trump in Classified Documents Case Hard Facts
 • An Honest Judge Exposes The Dishonesty Around The Mar-A-Lago Case Ron Wright
 • Biden To Trade Nukes To Terrorists For Election Day Bribes Daniel Greenfield


 • Illegal Migrants Send List of 'Demands' to Denver Mayor Jazz Shaw
 • Biden HHS Redefines ‘Lawfully Present’ To Give ‘Free’ Health Care To Illegal Immigrants Federalist
 • Can You Guess What It Costs To Live "The American Dream" After 3 Years Of Inflation Under Joe Biden? ZH

Scandal Central

 • The Deep State Exposed Itself J.B. Shurk
 • How about a nice, peaceful protest against powerhouse law firm Steptoe for trying to destroy law enforcement? Unsafe
 • Stormy Daniels Day: Alvin Bragg Lights Dumpster Fire in Manhattan Turley


 • FBI Confirms It’s Restarting Online Censorship Efforts Ahead Of 2024 Election Federalist
 • Anarchist Group Says It Torched Police Cars in Support of Pro-Palestinian Protesters John Sexton
 • Israel's Newest Security Threat – Is the US Next? Robert Williams


 • Meanwhile, in the Red Sea... David Strom
 • Ben-Gvir: ‘Hamas loves Biden’ JNS
 • Is Russia still using the Crimean Bridge to boost its military in Ukraine? EuroNews


 • Muslim migrants caught ‘red-handed’ burning down forests as an act of jihad Olivia Murray
 • Syrian Hamsters Dead After Chinese Scientists Engineer Horrific Ebola-Enhanced Virus ZH
 • Hundreds of Jewish Columbia students express pride for Israel in open letter Jewish Insider


 • Congress is letting Biden get away with what they impeached Trump over Human Events
 • Biden Goes Full Biden. Diogenes
 • Start A Beer Fund For This Guy? Feral Irishman

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Anonymous said...

Thumbs up to the first link, about Obama essentially making Dems feel comfortable with their anti-Semitism.