Saturday, May 04, 2024

Larwyn’s Linx: Saving Hamas

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 • Saving Hamas Lee Smith
 • Ron Johnson: Biden Prioritizing Hamas Refugees over Americans to Win Michigan Jeff Poor
 • The insanity at the heart of the Trump trial Byron York
 • Biden’s Political Persecution of Trump Damages the U.S. and Aids the PRC AmGreatness
 • 'Death to America': NYPD Stunned at Hateful Signs Found in NYU Pro-Hamas Camp Bob Hoge
 • Identity of Agitator Who Called Byron Donalds 'Uncle Tom' at GWU Revealed Sister Toldjah
 • Republicans Move To Prevent Biden Resettling Hamas Refugees In The US Modernity
 • Republicans Rip Biden Admin For Providing Obamacare To Illegal Immigrants DC
 • Frat Boys Launch Their Own Intifada Against Pro-Hamas Radicals on Their Campuses Matt Vespa


 • Meet the Nation’s Top Economic Adviser – This Is Not Satire M Dowling
 • IRS to Increase Audit Rates of Wealthy Taxpayers by 50 Percent Breitbart
 • Unbelievable David Strom

Scandal Central

 • Reconstructing Gaza: The International Community’s Cycle of Impotence American Greatness
 • Who is paying for the American campus protests? JNS
 • Fani Willis Concealed Trump Investigation In Budget Request, Officials Say DC


 • Joe Rogan on Progressive Indoctrination in Higher Education: ‘We Are Sending Our Kids to Cult Camps’ LI
 • Maher: Trump Was a More Pro-Israel President than Biden Is Breitbart
 • Poll: Majority of Americans Distrust in the Media Turley


 • Obama-Funded Houthis Warn Drone & Missile Attack Coverage Expanding To Mediterranean Sea ZH
 • Ukraine's Soldiers Admit Even Rear Lines are Failing Jazz Shaw
 • ICC Threatens Action Over 'Intimidation' Tactics As Netanyahu Arrest Warrant Looms ZH
 • Biden Wants to Sell Out America to the Corrupt WHO Jazz Shaw
 • Violently Outspoken Hamas Supporter Wins UK Election Because the West Is Intent on Destroying Itself Bonchie
 • IDF holds surprise exercise in northern Israel INN


 • The Green-Driven Surrender of the West Blackmon
 • Gov. DeSantis Bans Lab-Grown Meat Sales, Manufacturing in Florida LI
 • As Google’s antitrust trial wraps, DOJ seeks sanctions over missing messages Lauren Feiner


 • Friday Funnies: Tent University Robert W Malone
 • Quick Hits Of Wisdom, Knowledge And Snark #1751 90 Miles From Tyranny
 • The Week in Pictures: Campus Cannibals Edition Power Line


commoncents said...

LIVE STREAM: Warren Buffett presides over the 2024 Berkshire Hathaway annual shareholders meeting — 5/4/24

Anonymous said...

Unless and until the handwringers over the conflict du jour understand and acknowledge that both "sides" were created and are managed by one of the combatants, as well as what all media has to say about it, you really ought to shut up. You beclown yourselves with every word of your too clever by half pontificating.