Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Larwyn’s Linx: FBI Authorized Use of Deadly Force During Mar-a-Lago Raid

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 • FBI Authorized Use of Deadly Force During Mar-a-Lago Raid Julie Kelly
 • Trump on Trial: The Defense Rests Techno Fog
 • Justice Merchan's gagged witness goes public with what he would have told the jury Monica Showalter
 • More Proof Biden Was Warned About Disastrous Afghanistan Withdrawal Jazz Shaw
 • A Signal That Oakland Is Slipping Further Into a Doom Loop #GhettoGavin Jarrett Stepman
 • Mugshot of RNC’s Election Integrity Attorney Christina Bobb Revealed Paul Bois
 • Election 2024: A Political Renaissance for America or the Path to Totalitarianism AmGreatness
 • Billionaires for Trump grows Don Surber
 • Americans Are With Israel and Dislike Protesters David Strom


 • Climate Lies: The myth of the "97% of Scientists Agree" Hard Facts
 • Biden Drains Entire Northeast Gasoline Reserve In Bid To Lower Gas Prices As He Trails Trump By Double Digits ZH
 • Biden’s Tariffs Are Bad. Biden’s Tariffs Coupled With EV Mandates Are Even Worse. David Harsanyi

Scandal Central

 • Carter Page Finds Trump Trial Eerily Familiar Deroy Murdock
 • Alan Dershowitz Attends Trump Trial, Demolishes Judge Merchan's Prejudicial Conduct Bob Hoge
 • House Judiciary Committee Launches Investigation into Abusive Treatment of J6er at DC Gulag Debra Heine


 • NYT's Lying Piece of Sh!t Attack on Justice Alito Unsafe
 • Newsgate: Reporters Caught Coordinating With Political Hacks Sharyl Attkisson
 • Biden DOJ Ramps Up War on Pro-Lifers With Lawsuit Mary Margaret Olohan


 • No War with Russia Steve Gruber
 • Ukraine plunged into darkness as Russia attacks power grid EuroNews
 • Yellen sees 'possibility' of $50 billion Ukraine loan from seized Russian assets - Sky News Al-Reuters
 • Netanyahu rules out Gaza resettlement post-Hamas JNS
 • Hezbollah’s security strip in the north JNS
 • Spain, Ireland, Norway announce they will recognise a Terror State of Palestine EuroNews


 • ChatGPT’s Moral Compass Sean Welsh
 • "Gain of Function" and Influenza A Virus Robert W Malone
 • Mexico Authorities Investigate After Monkeys Drop Dead From Trees DC


 • New Jersey Gym Owners Who Defied COVID Lockdowns Cleared of All Charges Ward Clark
 • Donald Trump Jr. Brings Professional MAGA Team to New York City CTH
 • Joe vs. the Teleprompter Diogenes

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