Sunday, May 12, 2024

Larwyn’s Linx: Report: US withholding ‘sensitive intelligence’ from Israel to save Hamas

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 • Report: US withholding ‘sensitive intelligence’ on Hamas from Israel JNS
 • Report: Biden Admin Offers Intel on Hamas Leaders If Israel Quits Rafah Attack Breitbart
 • Biden’s Secret Service Wants Republican Convention Disrupted by Hamas Supporters Rick Moran
 • The People Setting America on Fire Park MacDougald
 • 'Queers for Palestine' Block Entrance to Disney World, Then Florida Men Show Up RS
 • Joe Biden Runs Like a Scared Dog From His Pro-Hamas Position RS
 • Lawrence Taylor and OJ Anderson Endorse President Trump During Historic Wildwood Rally CTH
 • Hundreds of cops flee California to Texas blaming Golden State's 'soft-on-crime' policies Daily Mail
 • Fact Check: Biden Told a Lie a Minute During CNN Interview Karen Townsend


 • California Will Make Everyone Pay For EVs Whether They Own One or Not Jazz Shaw
 • GOP AG's Suing to Stop EPA's Carbon Rule Hot Air
 • West Coast, Messed Coast™: Wait, We're Not in Charge? Edition Victoria Taft

Scandal Central

 • The truth about Covid’s origins is finally coming out Matt Ridley
 • The J6 Psyop: A Democrat hoax and political operation from the get-go Stuart J. Cvrk
 • CCP Smiles: FAA and Air Force initiate new “environmental impact statements” for Starship/Superheavy launchpads in Florida Robert Zimmerman
 • Why Did the FBI Seize the Phones of the Dali's Crew? Jazz Shaw
 • The Thomas Analogy: Why Recusal Was More Compelling for Merchan in Manhattan Turley
 • Google blasted for AI that refuses to say how many Jews were killed by the Nazis Jon Levine


 • Did Bill Maher Just Prove Stormy Daniels Perjured Herself? Matt Margolis
 • “I Gave Up Shame Years Ago”: Clinton Denounces Trump for Doing What She Did in 2016 Turley
 • NY Times Editorial Board: Cancel Culture Created the Campus Crisis John Sexton


 • Source: Biden’s Bomb ‘Pause’ Will Cause Israeli Soldiers to Die in Booby-trapped Buildings Breitbart
 • Hamas is Spreading Like a Cancer in Gaza Jazz Shaw
 • Biden’s arms embargo betrays Israel and America JNS


 • The importance of distinguishing climate science from climate activism Ulf Büntgen, Nature
 • US Marines Special Ops test rifle-wielding, AI-powered robot dogs, report says Nathan Rennolds
 • Bird Flu Engineered to Infect Humans Could Be Lab-Produced ‘in Months,’ Former CDC Director Says Ben Bartee


 • I Want To Celebrate Motherhood! And Nothing You Can Do Will Stop Me! Granite Grok
 • NCAA Creates New Interscholastic Protest League Johnny Bananas
 • Sunday Strip: The Mother's Day Edition Robert W Malone

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