Thursday, May 23, 2024

Larwyn’s Linx: The Trumpire Strikes Back

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 • The Trumpire Strikes Back David Strom
 • Overthrow the Dictatorship T.L. Davis
 • Dershowitz: “Judge” Merchan Went “Berserk” During Soviet-Style Show Trial CTH
 • Loose Talk About the End of Everything Victor Davis Hanson
 • The Migrant Crisis is How Rome Fell – Its Our turn this time Armstrong
 • What the White House Is Hiding: Biden’s Order Mobilizing Voters Fred Lucas
 • Be kind to libs because they're losing Don Surber
 • White House Issues Huge List of 'Corrections' to Biden's Detroit Speech Jazz Shaw
 • Chinese, Iranian, and Russian gangs are attacking U.S. drinking water and officials are alarmed Fortune


 • Biden Forgives Another $7.7 Billion In Americans’ Student Loan Debt DC
 • The Start of De-Dollarization: China’s Gradual Move Away from the USD Julia Wendling
 • You are the carbon they want to reduce Tom Knighton

Scandal Central

 • Daszak's embarrassments of riches Bad Cattitude
 • The NIH Caught By Congress In Criminal Conspiracy Emerald
 • CIA Blocked Probe Into Hunter Biden’s ‘Sugar Brother’ Kevin Morris, Docs Show DC


 • This Is How You Get More Ants Instapundit
 • Vivek Ramaswamy Buys Activist Stake In BuzzFeed DC
 • This Is What State Harassment Looks Like David Strom


 • Of Course: Biden Was Plotting With Iran Against Israel David Strom
 • 5 young Israeli girls taken hostage by Hamas seen in sick new video Post
 • All the aid from Biden’s Gaza pier was stolen JNS


 • DARPA’s Ties to the NIH, Flunky Fauci, and COVID Rand Paul Review
 • ‘You’re Going To Be Haunted By Your Testimony’: Bipartisan Lawmakers Grill Top Fauci Aid Over FOIA Evasion DC
 • The internet is disappearing, study says Andrew Griffin


 • Is This the Greatest Community Note of All Time? John Sexton
 • 'Osama Bin Lager' beer sells out after going viral Harry Parkhill
 • Libturd Thursday Is Here Already ~ AM Woodsterman

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