Thursday, May 09, 2024

Top 20 Tweets Posts Tonight: Democrats Abandon American Hostages in Gaza, Just Like Afghanistan

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Phuc Dims said...

I'll remind jamaal bowomen that there was a cease fire and the murdering muslins broke it, so kiss my *ss lackwit, and I hope your free ride at America's expense comes crashing down on your racist head.

I've got a thinking problem said...

I don't know how we pull out of some of this shit, it's just lost.

commoncents said...

LIVE: Israel-Hamas War updates - LiveNOW from FOX

Anonymous said...

Dems in general, and the Bidet Admin in particular, follow a simple plan.

Get and keep power, through whatever means necessary.

To achieve that end: Be a slave to polling, with all the short-term volatility that implies. Bad in derivatives with financial destruction, bad in American life with civilization destruction.

Principles, shminciples.