Saturday, May 11, 2024

Top 20 Tweets Posts Tonight: Eurovision Love vs. Hate

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Anonymous said...

RE: "A coal-fired power plant in China's Sichuan province."

The large nozzle-shaped tubes are all heat exchangers, essentially all of the "smoke" you see exiting from them is actually steam vapor which is condensing at atmospheric temperature.

The "smokestacks" are also emitting mostly steam - the view is too far away and too grainy to see if the stacks have dry or wet scubbers, catalytic reburner, and/or carbon capture technology in, on, or ahead of the exhaust stack.

The video looks impressive, but I suspect the amount of pollution being emitted may be small.

Chuck said...

Did you happen to notice the smog? Somehow, I doubt the amount of pollution emitted is small.

Veeshir said...

It said Co2 not pollution.
CO2 is not a pollutant, it's plant food.

Average Joe Bro said...

Hillary living the con artist creed, "Die with the lie"......