Sunday, January 10, 2010

Government caller to Mark Levin show: Democrats planning 'Blue Card' amnesty program granting temporary legal status to illegals

A caller to the Mark Levin radio program on January 5, 2010 warned that buzz of a new amnesty program for illegal aliens is circulating through the federal government.

I could tell you on another point... in my employment, and I have to confess that I do work for the federal government.

...We have hard about something called 'The Blue Card', which is some attempt to take illegals and grant them a legalized status, for a path towards citizenship. This is something that has been rumbling around, kinda heard on the sly and off the cuff, no [official] weight behind it, but we heard it.

And it's basically to give them intended lawful until they can either pay their fine or whatever [path] is intended to make them legal. It's so they can claim a path toward citizenship.

And this is all an attempt to try to overwhelm 'us' -- the system -- by trying to push all [of] these agendas through at once so we don't know what fight is next... first it was cap-and-trade, then it was health care, and now this is coming through the backdoor.

Interestingly, the European Union adopted its own "Blue Card" system just last summer.

...the directive establishes more attractive conditions for third-country workers to take up highly qualified employment in the member states of the Union, by creating a fast-track procedure for issuing a special residence and work permit called the “EU Blue Card”.

The Blue Card will facilitate access to the labour market to their holders and will entitle them to a series of socio-economic rights and favourable conditions for family reunification and movement across the EU...

Under the rules set by the directive, EU Blue Card holders will enjoy equal treatment with nationals of the member state issuing the Blue Card, as regards... social security and pensions... access to goods and services, including procedures for obtaining housing, information and counselling services...

Whether or not the EU Blue Card has any relationship to, or influence of, the Obama Blue Card is left as an exercise for the reader.