Sunday, January 17, 2010

Reversal of Fortune: InTrade has Brown over Coakley 60 - 40

Reports from the Scott Brown rally in Worcester were 'electric' while the last-ditch Obama-Coakley event was anything but. The President and the soon-to-be-failed Democrat candidate for The Kennedy Seatcouldn't even fill a 3,500 seat venue; and their carefully screened crowd was moribund -- and even included a few hecklers.

InTrade has the momentum shifting dramatically to the GOP candidate, a 10-point shift since yesterday.

And if Brown wins, interim Senator Paul Kirk is immediately terminated and can not cast the 60th vote for MarxCare™.

Update at 21:18 ET: Brown is now trading at 65.

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Trent said...

Uh, not exactly. There is a plausible argument that election certification for the new Mass senator needs to take place prior to the end of the current appointee's term. See the following: