Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Brown vs. Coakley Tweets o' the Day

• Coakley's hinting at voter fraud? Yeah, the big Massachusetts Republican Machine has the whole state wired.

• RT @benpolitico: Nobody's using the coat check at Coakley

• Observer in Mass says Scott Brown by a wide margin, the polls are swamped and the voters electric. Calls it an avalanche

• RT @BrentTeichman: **BREAKING** ACORN admits there are not enough Disney characters to put Coakley over the top.

• For those who are watching Martha Coakley 16% Scott Brown 66%

• does Coakley need drivers to pick up more bodies from morgue or just another batch from the asylum

• Time for #Coakley to take her place under the #Obama bus

• Give Axelrod heartburn... Vote Scott Brown.

• Was there a "FULL MOON" last night? It looks like all the #Obama Zombies R out today & twitting against Scott Brown Tea Party Massachusetts

• Coakley's only qualifications for the senate is the D at the end of her name and the Machine

• U.S. News & World Report: Scott Brown Fueled by Independents’ Anger at Liberal Arrogance http://ow.ly/YlzZ

• Scott Brown America Stands With U Today!

• Ace commenter makes a great point: if Brown wins by Obama's margin, will it be a "landslide"?

• Suggested line for a desperate Coakley campaign: "If Brown wins, MLK will have died for nothing."

• ABC Empathizes with White House: Coakley Loss ‘Shakespearean,’ ‘Tragedy of Greek Proportions’

• Wow. Martha Coakley has bought every piece of AdSense in my Reader. Lame.

• Gravediggers worked overtime last night to get out the vote for Coakley.

• Breaking News from MA...Coakley suffering from a horrible rash from ASTROTURF

• Scott Brown is a trending topic on twitter. Martha Coakley is not. Is that indicative of the outcome?

• Why is this woman handing out blank absentee ballots? http://bit.ly/91Ouot

• Best line of the day I heard: "Scott Brown win is Mary Jo's revenge" ?Go Scott Go Baby!?? <--Don't forget Martha Moxley

• How can any democrat tweet me in my face saying "Scott Brown is a joke." When they elected Al Franken.

• Since it pisses off teabagging turds: Remember, Mass voters: vote for Scott Brown like spitting on Ted Kennedy's grave

Actually, that last one might motivate a few conservatives to vote for Brown.

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