Monday, January 18, 2010

Too good to check: what's wrong with this picture?

Papa B (who else?) sent this one in.


When you've never said the Pledge of Allegiance before, you may not know what to do without a teleprompter.

They each have their left hand (note the wedding ring) over their right chest. Not the right hand over the heart!


Snopes doesn't appear to have anything on this incident, so it's certain to be 100% accurate. Seriously, and in all fairness, we don't know the context of the photo, but it certainly looks a tad bizarre.

Update: It's a Photoshop -- and a pretty damn good one at that. Thanks to the unknown commenter.


Anonymous said...

It's a hoax. See

SallyW said...
The original picture.
The first sign it was photoshopped was that the Marine's medals are on the wrong side.

But they're still turds and the picture still represents their disrespect for America.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. As a former Navy guy, I noticed the Marine's medals just didn't look right.

What IS funny, though, is how miserable Michelle looks to be rendering a salute to the flag. She looks like she's being forced to sit through a Barbra Streisand concert.

Alec Rawls said...

Newsday has the original, or something very close to the original (showing correct hands over hearts).

This fraud is very slickly done (button's on jacket corrected, etcetera. My guess is that it was professionally done by Axlerod's astroturfers, trying to lure conservatives into being duped by a hoax, but the hoax was caught too early.