Monday, January 25, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Five Easy Questions for Obama

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Five Easy Questions for Obama: AT (Hoven)
What does the President like about America?: Anchoress
Obamacare: not so dead: Ace

"They warned us he wasn't ready": Driscoll
We're in the Best of Hands: JWF
Obama's Rhetoric Vs. Free Speech: Kesler

Double-standard at St. Louis U: BMW
Brown victory alters CA primary race: PJM
Faux Health Reform: Times


The Chess Game of Financial Regulation: Kling
The Context Of Middle-Class Frustration: Doctor Zero
Time to Take on the Unions: AT

From Hope and Change to This: InstaPundit
Hard to Kill: Bureaucracies Take on a Life of Their Own: PJM
2nd term for Bernanke in peril in Senate: Times

White House: We saved or created 400 gajillion-zillion jobs: GWP
Obama plotting a domestic counterinsurgency?: AT

Climate & Energy

The Purge Continues: Watts
Hiding the decline: what the 'hockey stick' really looks like: BlogProf
For the IPCC AR4, looks like another retraction is needed: Watts

Global Warming and the Science Fair Test: AT
The AGW Collapse–The Calving Begins: CBullitt
Climategate: the wheels come off for the IPCC: PJM

The Roots of Sustainability: National Assocation of Scholars


Smells like burning astroturf: same pro-Obamacare letters appear across the country: Patterico
Linking Ellie Light To The White House: Riehl
A Brilliant Progressive Diatribe Aimed At Obama: Wizbang

The Pernicious Prevalence of Race in American Discourse: PJM
Media Matters Attacks Beck – Ignores Progressive Roots Of The Klan And Holocaust: BigGovt
As it Nears Bankruptcy, L.A. Times Takes a Valiant Stand Against Free Speech: BigJourn

So I guess Bob Herbert is a racist, too: DPU
NBC's Chuck Todd: Because of Tea Parties... Obama Can't Buy Republican Votes!: NewsBusters
Apologize to Rush Limbaugh, Mr. Foxman: BigJourn


Red Alert: UK Raises Terror Threat Level, Attack "Highly Likely": Jawa
The Point of No Return: Iran's Nuclear Ambitions Will Not Be Interrupted by Obama: RubRep
A suspicious air crash in Beirut: TAB

Scott Brown Win Is a Victory For Bush Foreign Policy, Defeat For Ron Paul Isolationism: BigGovt
Berlin: Muslimas Attack Fellow Students Who Don't Wear Hijabs: Jawa
Netanyahu: West Bank Areas Will Stay: Times


Kaspersky Lab issues 2010 cyberthreat forecast: MENAFN
120,000-foot freefall: InstaPundit


Miss Ella and Anyone: Anchoress
Mo'Nique Ur 2 hot for me: C&S

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