Sunday, January 31, 2010

Swift Justice: KSM Has His Day in Court

Dan from New York:

INT. NYC COURTROOM – DAY (JULY 30, 2014, 9:09 AM)

After three years of procedural delays and another 18 months of jury selection, the trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is set to begin.

Alan Dershowitz: Your honor, the defense would like to enter a motion for dismissal.

Judge Schwartz: On what grounds, counselor?

Alan Dershowitz: The accused was never given his Miranda rights, the arresting authorities entered his domicile without a search warrant, he was denied counsel and held in harsh conditions in an overseas prison for over three years, all his confessions and self-incriminating statements were extracted there under torture rendering them inadmissible and this entire proceeding unconstitutional.

Judge Schwartz: Anything else, Mr. Dershowitz?

Alan Dershowitz: Yes, your honor. My client maintains his innocence.

Judge Schwartz: Motion to dismiss granted. The defendant is free to leave. The jury is dismissed. Court is adjourned.

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