Sunday, January 24, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Obama in Ohio -- It's Not About Him

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Obama Demagogues the Court’s Ruling: JRubin
If GOP runs like Brown, only 103 House Dems are safe: Barone
Democrats: we will push ahead with Obamacare: Times

Obama in Ohio: It's Not About Him: Pundette
The Arrogance of Baron Hill (D-IN): Crazy Uncle
The Massachusetts Message: Black Republican

Democrat Socialists on free speech: we're against it: ColdFury
Fiorina and the Race Hustlers: Malkin
It's On: Hayworth to battle McCain in AZ: PatRoom

Terror at the Mall: AT
A Mistake That Can Be Rectified: Power Line


Right Idea: Wrong Target: CFB
Clicking his heels: Pundette
Shiny new Dem strategy on economy: Blame Bush: GWP

Public sector unions are killing California: RWN
Most Union Members Now Work for Government: Atlas
Something Wonderful: I am the Taxman: AmDig

The Proletariat Have Risen: Dr. Sanity
Doh! Obama calls for commission on deficit: RWN

Climate & Energy

Climategate: Just sign on the line that is dotted: AT
UN scientist 'admits [data was used] purely to put political pressure on world leaders': Daily Mail (UK)
You can add this weatherman to the long list of the unemployed: Big Feed


Obama Has Now Lost Frank Rich And Bob Herbert: RWN
AP trying to mainstream the term “teabagger”: Hot Air
Holy Crap: Chris Matthews Destroys Alan Grayson: Hot Air

Thank you for your support!: HillBuzz
Who is Ellie Light?: HillBuzz
Picture o' the Day: B&R

When in doubt, give another speech: Steyn
WOR's Malzberg Deconstructs Strap-On: NewsBusters
Blogging Rules For Radicals: Chapters Six Through Nine: PJM

Free Press: Corporations shouldn't have free-speech rights, except for us and other liberals: BlogProf
Is Strap-On Losing It?: Mediaite
On Tuesday 'Yes We Can' Became 'No You Don't!': NewsBusters


Shhh… US Marines Wrap Up Mission in Iraq – Victorious: GWP
Al Qaeda doesn't Tweet: LegalIns
What Part of 'No' Don't You Understand?: GoV

Terror, Travesty and Tales of Suppressed Evidence: BMW
Small Miracles: Ace
Little Rock Shooter Says He’s with Al-Qaeda in Yemen: PJM

The Traitors of Britain's National Association of Muslim Police: AmDig
UK police arrest 15 in anti-Islam protests: Maktoob


Good on Her: Hillary talks Internet freedom: PJM
New Details on Google Attack Trickle Out: Dark Reading
Almost any key -- and other support stories: DailyWTF


A 30-second encounter with a Medal of Honor recipient: Crazy Uncle
100 Cheesiest Movie Quotes of All Time: Ace
Some dude: "You'll need brain-bleach to wipe this image from your brain": TinyPic (NSFW)


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Bones said...

This week it was announced that the Christmas bomber had described the people he trained with. Now when you get intelligence about the enemy’s plans, telling them you have it makes it useless. The only reason to release this information is to make the public think “they are really on top of things”. Marketing and politics over safety and security.

Anonymous said...

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