Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: GOP's Brown Wins in an Epic Upset

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GOP's Brown Wins in an Epic Upset: Driscoll
The Left's Pied Piper: AT
Does Brown Victory Pose a Danger for GOP?: Moran

The Democrats’ Massachusetts meltdown: Malkin
Liberty 1, Tyranny 0 After Brown’s Big Win: PJM (Blumer)
Seeing Red: Graphic of the Night: Malkin

A Referendum on the Establishment: RWN
Mowbray: the Stunning Turnout in Massachusetts: Power Line
A Salute to Scott Brown: Power Line


Texas' In-State Tuition Law for Illegals: Unconstitutional: MNR
The Coming Democrat Counteroffensive: AT
Jimmy Carter Part II: Dems Move Away Sprint from Obama: Ace

Webb: suspend votes until Brown is seated: BlogProf
It's the Enemy, Stupid: NRO
Missouri Lawmakers Say No To Fed Health Care: GWP


Time to Cut the Size of Government: Times
Putting 'limited' back in government: Democrats squander your money, liberty: Times
The next battle: stop Socialism: Morris

Next to Be Nationalized: Your 401K: RWN
$42 Million Union Embezzlement case, Little Media Coverage: RWN

Climate & Energy

As Global Warming Movement Collapses, Activists Already 'Test-Marketing' the Next Eco-Fear: Depot
AP: 2000s warmest decade on record because it snowed a lot or something: BlogProf
IPCC: New climate change deal unlikely this year: Maktoob


David Brooks: If Brown wins and Dems pass ObamaCare anyway... Bayh warns of 'catastrophe': Hot Air
Case Study in New York Times Bias, Coakley/Brown Edition: Reason
Schadenfreude – Media Matters In Desperate Denial Over Brown Win: Founding

I Told You Ninnies He Was Going to Win: Ace
Paul Krugman - You know who Obama doesn't blame enough? George Bush that's who: DPU
Journalism: the Most Trusted Scam in America: PJTV

The World Turned Upside Down: DPU
MSNBC hack anchors gasp as Chris Matthews says "it looks like Brown": BlogProf
Newsman's Remorse: "He's Done Everything Wrong": MoneyRunner

Mike Will Pay for This: C&S
Rush Limbaugh: “This One’s For You, Mary Jo”: GWP


China removed as top priority for spies - Intelligence chiefs object: Times
‘Tiny Chair’ Diplomacy Harms Israel-Turkey Relations: PJM
Israel Does What US Hasn't In Haiti: Maggie's Farm

Professions To Become Less Elitist In England: Briggs


How Scott Brown Used Google to Get Results in Mass. Election: WSJ
Commercial open source had very good 2009: CNet


The new Hitler YouTube is here! The new Hitler YouTube is here!: SondraK
Trulon Henry wants to make most of 2nd chance: Trib

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