Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Send John McCain into retirement: Support J. D. Hayworth for United States Senate

John McCain was a terrible -- terrible -- candidate for president in 2008. He advocated cap-and-trade to deal with the non-existent warmal colding scam; he tried to shove amnesty for illegal immigrants down our throats; he tried to destroy freedom of speech with McCain-Feingold; he was one of the "Gang of 14" that let Democrats illegally filibuster conservative judicial nominees; and he couldn't articulate a coherent sentence during the campaign ("Heh, heh... my friends"). And he certainly doesn't understand the Constitution and the principles of our founding.

And if all of those factors don't gall you, his disgusting dirty tricks campaign against GOP primary contender J. D. Hayworth will.

One year after seeing his presidential ambitions extinguished in an overwhelming defeat, Arizona Sen. John McCain is launching a scorched-earth campaign aimed at incinerating a reelection challenge from J.D. Hayworth, the conservative former Arizona congressman and radio talk show host.

McCain is attempting, with a series of hardball tactics, to cut Hayworth down before his campaign even gets off the ground...

...He’s mounted a concerted effort during the past month to push Hayworth off the airwaves, run an ad targeting Hayworth on his own radio station and warned him through emissaries that going through with a bid to unseat McCain would be a serious mistake.

...Hayworth spokesman Jason Rose said Hayworth’s announcement Friday that he was canceling his show — which came just hours before he declared that he was launching a campaign — was owed in no small part to the pressure the McCain forces brought to bear on the station.

“John McCain is a powerful and influential figure and served on the Commerce Committee,” said Rose, who went on to argue that radio executives feared the Arizona senator’s “wrath.”

...One source familiar with the McCain campaign said the offensive was only a preview of things to come, adding, “I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of this.”

[McCain's surrogates] filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission... and [the] effort to shoot down Hayworth has also taken place behind the scenes, according to several sources, with McCain allies warning Hayworth against a campaign...

McCain has reconvened his team of seasoned operatives from his 2008 White House run to meet the Hayworth challenge. Heading up the effort are Rick Davis, McCain’s 2008 campaign manager; Charlie Black, a senior adviser on the campaign; Christian Ferry, McCain’s deputy campaign manager; and Fred Davis, the veteran longtime GOP media consultant who oversaw McCain’s ad effort...

These are the same operatives and the same candidate who wouldn't even mention Barack Obama's Marxist, anti-American preacher of 20 years during the campaign! Who wouldn't raise Obama's dozens of other radical connections, any one of which would have disqualified him from the office of the presidency in the eyes of most Americans.

To put it bluntly: he played patty-cake with Obama while acting like Donald Segretti against fellow Republicans.

If you've had enough of mush-mouthed Republicans who don't read or can't understand the Constitution, I urge you to support J. D. Hayworth for United States Senate.


The_Bad said...

I am fairly confident that I am not the only Arizona Republican who will be handing McCain his hat.

Joop deBruin said...

I agree that Juan McInsane needs to go. However, it appears that JD is employing the same idiots for campaign strategists that lost him his congressional seat. The WSJ reports that he's going to send robo-calls attacking McInsane. VERY BAD IDEA! Robo-Calls are evil! People hate them to the point of voting for the other guy - my wife voted for Mitchell out of hatred of JD's campaign robo-calls.

I agree with JD on many points, especially illegal immigration, but he's not the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to campaigning. He's going to get slaughtered in the primary and that's a shame. Too bad he won't listen to me.


J.D: Please . . . no robo calls! People HATE them! You and Jason and Miss Mary get creative and come up with another way to contact people!!!!


J.D. and Jason: Also . . . NO negative campaigning. He is older. You will win this time is you point out his bad voting record. The big thing is to talk up positive ideas that would work, over and over. give people hope about the economy and explain why your way would work. YOU WILL WIN IF YOU DO THIS.