Sunday, January 31, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Obama Youth -- Organizing in High Schools

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Obama Organizing in High Schools?: Atlas
Advice for Governor Palin: Ace
Poll: Americans not buying what Obama selling : ABCon

Obama at the GOP Retreat: Disagreement: Althouse
Controversy Swirls Around Dearborn Imam’s Death: BMW
Almost 100 Senate misconduct allegations in '09: InstaPundit

The Power of Women and Life: Doc Zero
We Need To Support Andy McKenna In IL: Riehl
Obama Gets Real with GOP, Sans Teleprompter: AT

Arne Duncan and education in New Orleans: InstaPundit
Orrin Hatch Declares War on Reconciliation: Maggie
Report from the Bloomfield MI tea party: BlogProf


Fact-checking the President in Baltimore: Corner
EU Unemployment Hits 10%: TAB
Turning Union Cash to Ash: Times

We are so screwed: Insider
Dude, where's my job?: McArdle
Calif. Senate approves single-payer health care :Breitbart

Climate & Energy

A Serious Global Warming Report Based on……A Student’s Essay?: RWN
Is George Soros Directing the IMF $100 Billion Green Fund?: Maggie
When It Comes to Nuclear Power, Companies Should Think Small: PJM

Obama's Nuclear Lie: AT
We’d feel pretty foolish if we’d spent billions trying to avert global cooling 30 years ago, wouldn’t we?: RWN
Laurence Tribe: No more global warming lawsuits: Surber


US Media Silent as Climate Scandals Continue: Wizbang
Robert Reich: ‘Fox News Killed Hillarycare and Probably the Dinosaurs Too’: Powers
Mark Steyn's Monarchical Theater 3000 on President Princess Fairy Pants: Hewitt

Was Patrick Leahy Drunk on the Senate Floor?: Equalizer
The Ultimate Sundance Film: Dewey
Obama Continues to Break Promises, Media Continues to Ignore Them: NewsBusters

The NY Times Moves Terror Trials From Manhattan: JOM
Liberal columnist hopes Obama has hit bottom: Pundette


USA Takes 6000 Somali Refugees from Uganda: Maggie
Marc Thiessen: A terrorist we waterboarded told us to waterboard his terrorist colleagues: RightScoop
Shovel Ready in Siberia: Stalin's Road of Bones: AmerDig

Something Wondrous Strange: AmerDig
Carl Jung: "We do not know whether Hitler is going to found a new Islam. He is already on the way...": Atlas
Hey, all he did was chop her head off: AmerDig

KSM and His Great Traveling Terrorist Trial Is on the Move: PJM
NJ braces for influx of Haitian refugees: WyBlog
UAE closes chapter on abuse of child jockeys: Maktoob

The Islamic Republic of Torture, Rape, and Murder: AT
Lebanon Conflict Widens to Syria: Spyer


EFF online tool reveals 'fingerprint' browsers leave on the Web: Infoworld
20 Coolest Cloud Infrastructure Vendors: CRN


Small World: Crittenden
Daily Scoreboard: Surber
Sexy thangs: Jon Hamm plays Scott Brown on SNL: Hot Air

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