Sunday, January 24, 2010

Total Protonic Reversal: Dennis Kucinich Defends Tea-Partiers, Shreds Democrat Hacks and Chicago-style Politics

The New Ledger titles its coverage of two interviews with the uber-progressive Ohio Congressman using a distinct understatement: "Kucinich Shreds Democrats for 'Selling Out'."

Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) is not happy with the direction of his own party and he is telling them to wake up. In an interview with, Congressman Kucinich blasted away verbally and shredded his fellow Democrats with his words for failing to follow through on the change they promised in Washington...

...He went as far as to mention the Tea Party movement in a separate interview, warning fellow Dems on the Ed Schultz Show not to ignore financial issues.

"I met with people who were, you know, unfairly ridiculed as being just a bunch of teabaggers and frankly they had basic economic concerns just like everyone else, they felt that government wasn't listening to them, and this is where the Democratic Party better wake up," he told the radio audience.

Now that we've established that Dennis Kucinich is to the right of the current Democrat Party leadership, I think it's safe to say that the country is in some really, really deep s***.

Although, to be fair, last June the American Thinker's Randall Hoven warned us what to expect. Executive Summary: I'll see you in the rice paddies, comrade.

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coggie said...

Does this mean the Department of Peace is on hold?

Anonymous said...

I think we've found our primary opponent to Obama. Before anyone thinks I'm on crack, remember: Pat Buchanan was a loon too, and he won 22% of the national primary vote, and 40% of the NH primary vote.

Gary T. Burnaska said...

I find what is different with the tea partyers and the anti-war people that emerged with Bush's build up to Iraq.

Is that the Tea Partyers are effective. They managed to get people elected to throw a wrench into Obama's plans

Did Cindy Sheehan or her Code Pink friends do that. NO! they were too busy pulling stupid and childish stunts that resulted in nothing.

Anonymous said...

Kucinich finally gets something right.

submandave said...

I strongly disagree with the vast majority of what Rep. Kucinich believes in, but I will give him props for being honest and straightforward about it as well as his willingness to engage in real discussion and dialog with his political opponents.

clay barham said...

The Tea Party Movement is an American tradition. It comes from a tradition of local home rule, where government was no further from the governed than one day’s horseback ride, and individual interests were more important than are community interests. That led to a more involved citizen, through town hall meetings and even vigilante movements. The Tea Party Movement is but an extension of these American traditions and perfectly correct. It is what the elite few who want to rule the many, as the current Democrat Party and many old-line Republicans, would oppose. The differences are cited in the Changing Face of Democrats, Our Libertarian Roots Lost, on Amazon and