Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: The Astroturf Presidency and the Spam Czar

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The Astroturf Presidency: Malkin
The Spam Czar: Malkin
Great! More Bribes, Empty Promises During SOTU 2010!: RWN

The Speech Needed to Save the Free World: AT
The secret plan to shove health care through: Morris
Empower the States: Repeal the 17th Amendment: Times

Lech Walesa Will Campaign for Illinois Republican: RSM
Pants on Fire Alert: Axelrod Edition: BigGovt
Rahm Emanuel: the First Amendment is Overrated: Maggie

Filibuster Under Fire: AT
NJ: Man Caught With Keffiyeh, Grenade Launcher, Maps...: Riehl


Noted deficit hawk to announce discretionary spending freeze: Hot Air
Populist Twins Hold Middle-Class Garage Sale!: AmDig
Head Start Earns an F: Heritage

Call For An Audit of Obama’s Campaign Finances: BigGovt
Zimbabwe to Obama: "Piker, we'll see your $12 Trillion and raise you $100 Trillion": AmDig
It's your economy, stupid: Surber

Where's Biden? Half Of Mass Stimulus Dough Goes To Lawbreaking Firms: Riehl
Hey, Now That I've Jacked Up Spending To Crazy Levels How About We Freeze A Very Small Percentage Of Spending?: Ace

Climate & Energy

GlacierGate Scam Was Massive: RWN
UN IPCC Exposed: 'Dozens' of instances where bogus WWF reports were cited: EU Referendum
'Could the Nobel Prize be withdrawn' from UN IPCC?: Bolt


Tea Parties Resist National Unity: AmPower
Trijicon caves to political correctness: PJM
Obama's loose grip on reality: Times

Ellie Light Lives in Huntington Beach?: Verum Serum
The 9/11 Memorial Wall - No ages, No Ranks, Names Sprinkled Randomly: Maggie
Free Speech is a Right, Not a Privilege Granted by the State: RubRep

Second ‘American Revolution’ will be a battle of ballots, not bullets: Shore News
Every Hour of Every Day Tells You Something is Seriously Wrong with this Man: AmDig
Too gnarly to check: Edwards sex tape coming next? :Hot Air

PJTV: Barack To the Future: Driscoll
These ‘I regret my 2008 vote’ pieces are going to be excruciating: Moe Lane
Reagan and Honesty: Adrienne


In Whose Apartment were the Blueprints for Auschwitz found? Why the Secret?: Atlas
The 'Anti-Semitism Expert' and His Nazi Mentor: PJM
Arab and Muslim worlds' criticism of French niqab ban is hypocritical: Palestine Note

You’re Welcome, Douchebag: No Pasaran
Tony Blair Supported the United States; Now It Is Time to Support Tony Blair: No Pasaran
Female British rescuer saves Haitian survivor buried for 11 days: London Daily Mail


Will "this is your face on meth" software get kids to say no to meth?: Althouse
Appalled Yet? Lancet Study Blames Palestinian Wife-Beating on Israel: Chesler


Taking populist tack, White House unveils new 'Evil Obama': Exurban
Tiger's Thanksgiving Mystery — Solved: Daily Beast
NBA star gets probation for gun possession: Maktoob

SuperObama Image Credit: Slublog

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