Thursday, January 21, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Deficit Kabuki theater

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A Hundred Battles: Doctor Zero
Tuesday night at the White House: PJM
The Evaporation of a Myth: R&R

What Has Brown Done for Us?: AT
The Democrat Reaction Richter Scale: Hanson
Dems define new GOP responsibilities: RWN

The Democrats Start to Fracture: AT
Uh, We Don't Have an Interrogation Program: Ace
White House: We're Sticking to Radical Agenda: GWP

Why MA Victory Killed Health Care Reform: RWN
Brown Victory Has Barney Frank Gasping for Air: GayPatriot
How to Cause a Political Tsunami: AT


Deficit Kabuki theater: Dems act like they care about debt: Malkin
What We Can Learn From Cicero: forbes
For the First Time Ever: US No Longer Ranked “Free”: GWP

Without a hint of irony: InstaPundit
No, Let US Be Clear: Pundette
UK: Unions ask for "Universal Jobs Guarantee" Guaranteed Employment: Mish

Dean: Brown won because ObamaCare isn’t socialist enough or something: Hot Air

Climate & Energy

Obama TSA Nominee Out, Called Christians Terrorists, Put Global Warming Ahead Of War On Terror: BlogProf
UN climate report riddled with errors on glaciers -- Call for climate chief to resign: Seattle Times
Democrats move doomsday clock 1 minute to midnight: BlogProf


Press takes new look at Tea Parties after Brown win: MKH
Obama Gets It Right: Kimball
Plan 9 from OlbyPlanet!: Strap-On Watch

Massachusetts suddenly turned racist: Hot Air
Message Maybe Received... by Someone: Ace
You never forget your first time... watching MSNBC: PJM

Beck's World Domination Bid Threatened By Man In Truck: Equalizer
How Did The Cable News Channels Deal With Coakley And Brown Speeches?: STACLU
Glenn Reynolds: Barone on Scott Brown: InstaPundit

Woodshed Politics: MNR


2nd Haiti Quake; Ed’s alive: Anchoress
Haiti and the U.S. Coast Guard: A Sailor's View from Ground Zero: AT
The Decline of the Obama Administration: Massachusetts and the Middle East: RubRep

Good news: DNI, FBI chief weren’t sure who should interrogate Flight 253 bomber: Hot Air
One Year Ago- The World’s Greatest Liberator Since World War II Leaves Office: GWP


Google to Broadcast a Live Sport First Time With IPL Cricket: BizWk
Social networking key to Brown's success: PJM
Chinese-made fake Blackberries being sold in UAE: Maktoob


Obama Administration: One Year Anniversary Video: Three Beers Later
'I am Rogue' -- the MacGruber Movie Trailer Hits the Web: NBC New York

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Strange; it appears that after nine years we went from point A back to point A while everything inbetween never happened.

Yet, at the end of day everything comes down to Independent Moderates (those fine above everyone voters who think Jon Stewart is a news anchor and whose vote put Obama into power)

At this point I am putting all my big donor campaign cash into SarahPAC then going on vacation until November. I heavily invested in getting solid conservative candidates elected however the return is lousy so I am getting out of the political business.

Repeating the last nine years is a burned-out silly waste of time.