Tuesday, January 19, 2010

CNN breathlessly markets Coakley campaign's ludicrous complaints of GOP vote fraud; Party of ACORN, SEIU and Daley concerned Brown is cheating

As if you need further proof that the Democrat-Legacy Media complex is in full panic mode, consider the following CNN Breaking News headline:

Some in Mass. got ballots already marked for Republican Brown, Dem. candidate Coakley's camp says.

It breathlessly reports the Coakley campaign's ludicrous assertion of GOP vote fraud.

Let me see if I understand: the party of ACORN, the SEIU, the Chicago machine, walking-around money and dead voters... the party which favors granting voting rights to illegal aliens and felons... that party now claims Scott Brown and his minions are cheating.

Ed Driscoll notes that the accusation appears to have been made even before voting began.

Note the date on the "before" version of the Coakley press release.

I see an SNL skit in the making.


The_Bad said...

Two things:

First, a screenshot of the Coakley press release (later repaired) dated yesterday. Considering how utterly incompetent this campaign has been, it would not surprise me if they planned on this accusation all along but forgot to update the release date when they wrote it.

Second, I cannot seem to find any documented cases of such fraud. The only thing I can find thus far is this which describes two instances - one where the ballot was supposedly pre-marked for Brown but destroyed before any confirmation could be made (yeah, right), and the other claiming their folder contained a ballot marked for Brown in addition to the blank ballot they received.

Pretty flimsy.

Bones said...

What a tangled web we we weave when we continuously practice to deceive.

Anonymous said...

Being from Massachusetts, and in law enforcement, my first reaction, as well as my fellow law enforcement officers was... this was a "set up" by the Democrats. It is almost ludicrous to think that a non-Democrat would even consider trying to cheat in this state and is beyond ridiculous. It ranks up there with someone claiming they were assaulted and a swastika was carved in their forehead... that happens to be a mirror image. Before the first vote was cast everyone knew the Democrats were desperate and resigned to defeat. There's not a single polling site where a Republican would feel comfortable doing such a thing because the entire state is Democrat or liberal leaning. Come on!

Anonymous said...

get over it.the dims lost.they are the only party that has cheating down pat.WE are on to them,this is just the beginning.Get over it cry babies!