Saturday, January 09, 2010

Dan from New York's Open Letter to Alan Dershowitz

Re: Will the next 'Underwear Bomber' succeed?

Dear Professor Dershowitz:

Great post this week on your JPost blog, big guy. I counted four "we must," two "there must," one "we should" and zero "Obama." Darn, Al, you're a f***ing Harvard law professor and you still don't know who Janet Napolitano works for!

This caught my eye too: "Imagine what the reaction would have been if hundreds of Detroit-bound passengers had been murdered!" Not that hard to do, Al. A Republican Congress in 2011 and a one-way ticket to Chicago for BHO in 2013.

Then you wrote, "That is what the reaction should now be to this near-catastrophe."

Finally, Dersh, something we agree on.