Saturday, January 09, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: The 41st Vote Against ObamaCare

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Do you believe in miracles?: Hot Air
Is the SEIU Behind Anti-Brown Push Polling?: LegalIns
41st Vote Against ObamaCare: InstaPundit

Why is State Dept. getting an UndyBomber pass? Malkin
Understanding the Democrats' Scheme: AT
A reminder about Reverse The Vote!: Lane

Kentucky's Answer to Unconstitutional Federal Actions: AT
Democrat Strategy: Vastly Expand Vote Fraud: RWN
A Revolution in Massachusetts: AT

Pelosi: Public Option Still on Table: Hill
MA Gov hands the GOP three more seats: Lane


Unions will capture $19B/year in Obamacare dues: BigGovt
The phony jobs-creation spin on Obamacare: Surber
Adopt the AFL-CIO’s 2004 Message: Show Us the Jobs: BigGovt

Geithner called to explain AIG bailout secrecy: Times

Climate & Energy

Warmal Colding Strikes Again: RWN
Who Is the Enemy: Islamists or the Global-Warming Scare?: Tobin


Make Your Mark: BeTheRightClub
MoveOn.Org Comes To Coakley's Rescue: LegalIns
Airport scanners can measure Gollum's johnson: Fausta

"They Tell Us We Are Weak. But When Shall We Be Stronger?": AmDig
NPR Executives Will Not Take Down Teabagger-Bashing Cartoon They Agree With: GWP
Security review contradicts media on who subdued Abdulmutallab--one of several shockers: US Report

NYT Beclowns Itself Trying to Put Down Rasmussen: RWN


Obama can't say who we're at war with: Steyn
Timeline of Christmas Bomber Events: Gormogons
Mansor Asad, Muslim Who Screamed "I want to kill all the Jews," is the Owner of Salafi Mosque Real Estate Tied to Jailed Terrorists: Atlas

“What On Earth is This Government Doing?”: Patterico
Looking Out the Window: Belmont Club
British woman arrested in Dubai after being raped, charged with having illegal sexual intercourse: BlogProf

Diversity and Religious Visas Continue to Increase From Terror Sponsoring Nations: Atlas
Those Damned Christians: Causing Trouble Again: NewEd
Here in the Real World: JWF

Radical Islamism: An Introductory Primer: RubRep


Ford Unveils Tweeting Car: Telegraph (UK)
Swagger returns to CES: Edgelings
The 355th, And Our Agent Orange Legacy in Thailand: Provocateur


Bible Discovery: Oldest Hebrew Ever -- 1,000 years older than the Dead Sea scrolls: Atlas
Happy 2010 from Six Meat Buffet: SMB
Image Credit: iOwnTheWorld