Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: End of an Error -- and An Open Letter to Jane Hamsher

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End of an Error: Chris Dodd Steps Down: Riehl
An Open Letter to Jane Hamsher: LegalIns
What Dems Know: Universal Voter Registration: AT

Airline security idiocy of the day: Malkin
Repeal the Health Bill: AT
Michigan: Muslim H.S. students apparel celebrates 9/11: Atlas

Knee JERK Reaction Of Progressives: Wolf Howling
Idaho Has A Governor With A Spine…: NoisyRoom
State Dept. uses 'Diversity Visas' to import terror: BlogProf


The Carnivorous Government: Doc Zero
Racial Spoils in Obama's America: AT
'Reform' bodes ill for tax-free health accounts: Times

Once again, unions find a pliant judge: RWN
Government Jobs Overtake Goods-Producing Jobs: Corner
Give us your tired, your poor, your $1.2T in dubious MBS: Ace

Climate & Energy

The CO2 Lie: IBD
Great News: CIA Watching Ice Melt: Morrissey
Global Warming as Climastrology: PJM (Lewis)


The American Thinker turns Six: AT
Crazy Talk: Obama Blames Creation of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula On Gitmo: GWP
Maureen Dowd's Question is Answered: Dinocrat

Dorgan (D-ND) Retiring This Year To Spend Time With Family And Avoid Getting Ass Kicked But Mostly To Avoid Getting Ass Kicked: Ace
The Partisan U.S. President: Flopping Aces
Most transparent administration ever to hold secret closed door meetings on health care: STACLU

On Today: Fill Out Census or You Won't Get Government Goodies!: NewsBusters
Thoughts on the Right to Offend: PJM (Kimball)
RealClimate: Finalist For Best Religious Blog: CBullitt

C-SPAN Challenges Congress to Open Health Care Talks to TV Coverage As Promised: BlogProf
Pelosi Channels Baghdad Bob: Charlie Foxtrot


The Trouble with Yemen: SIGIS
Palin: “It’s War, not a Crime Spree”: Flopping Aces
Spies Hang Together, Not Alone: Brits Dime Out Obama On Intel: Riehl

Did Obama Politicize the Terror Database?: AT (Lewis)
The Suicidal Rules of Arab Political Debate: RubRep
Euro-Med Partnership could bring 50 million Muslims into Europe: Atlas


Google's mobile hopes go beyond Nexus One: CNet
Update - The 2009 Weblog Awards are off: Weblog Awards


Daily Scoreboard: Surber
Green Links: Worst Blog Feature Ever: AmDig
RSM in Southern Cal: AmPow

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