Monday, November 07, 2016

FREE SPEECH FOR ME, NOT FOR THEE: Journalists Freak Out Over New Pro-Trump T-Shirt

By Rachel Stoltfooz

Journalists were disturbed to see a Donald Trump supporter wearing a T-shirt joking about lynching the press at a rally in Minnesota Sunday [Ed.: Ace has an excellent storify on this topic.].

Jonathan Ernst snapped a shot for Reuters of the man wearing the shirt, which read: “Rope. Tree. Journalist. Some Assembly Required.” An older woman in a Trump hat and a young girl standing next to the man, whose back is turned, smile joyfully into the camera.

The photo quickly began making the rounds on Twitter.

“This is honestly so disturbing on so many levels,” a self-described news lady and cat lover from New Jersey tweeted.

“Wow,” a blogger tweeted. “Nasty.”

One reporter took the shirt personally and responded with a threat of his own.

“Come at me bro,” he tweeted. “I have someone I’d like you to meet.”

Some tweeted at the company that makes the shirt in hopes it would ban production.

“Hey @teespring – this sort of sucks,” one New Yorker tweeted. “Any chance you can ban this seller?”

Others pointed out the shirt’s been around for years, but insisted it takes on a “new meaning” in a post-Trump for president world. They “definitely have a new meaning post Trump,” a Huffington Post reporter tweeted.

Jezebel called the shirt a “neat encapsulation of the escalating trend of violence and abuse against reporters” at Trump rallies.

One guy said he was “impressed” by the shirt and suggested the Trump supporter try reporting. “Impressed by the creative spirit of this Trump supporter,” he tweeted. Get a rope, pull down a tree, pulp it to make paper, become a journalist. Noble.”

Read more at Daily Caller.


Anonymous said...

Dear Lord people, make this a rout, run up the score, spike the football, then take a knee and thank God. Make up for the votes that have been stolen through early, and mail in voting as these schemes only serve Democrats.
Humiliating Journalists should become a sport, they lied to us and we ought not forget it.

commoncents said...

This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected

clayusmcret said...

Hey, the press were the ones openly declaring that they were forgoing all acceptable journalistic norms of bipartisanship and going all in for Hillary; doing everything in their power and ability to undermine Trump. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Matthew W said...

Same media that had no problems with the Bush assassination movie?

John the River said...

If you need a ladder I can get one.