Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Democrats Must Scrutinize Keith Ellison’s Anti-Semitic Past, Ties To Radical Islam

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Democrats Must Scrutinize Ellison's Anti-Semitic Past, Ties To Islamists: Joel Mowbray
Trump Releases Video Outlining What He Will Do In First 100 Days: WZ
Police finally have a friend in the Oval Office: Heather Mac Donald

Arrest Rahm Emanuel: Matthew Vadum
How Trump's Plan to Deport Criminal Illegal Aliens Would Work: Jessica Vaughan
Trump and GOP Congress Want To Make It Easier To Fire Federal Employees: RS

Liberals Freak Out Over Possibility Of Questioning “High Risk” Immigrants: RWN
Pen and a Phone: 79 immigration actions the next president can take: CIS (4/16)
Potential cabinet pick accidentally reveal Trump plan to deport illegals: RWN

Danger! Obama could put Merrick Garland on Supreme Court: Ed Straker
Donald Trump’s awesome opportunity to fix the Federal Reserve: CR
JFK Wouldn't Fit with Today's Democrats: EIB


Americans, Start Your Engines: Treehouse
Trump to Issue Executive Order On First Day Withdrawing U.S. From TPP: ZH
University Officials: America-Themed Parties Are ‘Harmful’ And Offensive: DC

Scandal Central

Muslim Brotherhood-Tied Group Paid for Keith Ellison to Visit Mecca in 2008: Brent Scher
Obama Hands Out Medals of Freedom to Major Democratic Donors, Supporters: Morgan Chalfant
Report: Trump won't pursue Clinton investigations: Harper Neidig

Climate, Energy & Regulations

The UN Poll Redux: Willis Eschenbach
Study: IPCC Doesn’t Account for 1 Billion Tons of CO2 Absorbed Annually… by Cement: CNS


The Tsunami the Media Never Saw Coming: Bernard Goldberg
Donald Trump’s media summit was a ‘f—ing firing squad’: Post
Aide: Trump didn't 'explode in anger' during media meeting: TheHill

Steve Bannon fires back at the media: Politico
Goodbye Huma Abedin, hello Keith Ellison: Tarek Fatah
Tucker Carlson Demolishes a College Liberal, and It’s Spectacular: Victory Girls

Pizzagate: Herschel Smith
Obama Supporters Plot Weak, Womanly Resistance Against Trump: Ace
Former Congressman reveals hit list of alleged ‘fake news’ journalists: DC Clothesline


Why Trump will be much, much better for Britain than Clinton: Rod Liddle
How Was ISIS Able To Carry Out 52 Chemical Weapons Attacks?: Elliott Friedland
Russia to deploy Iskander missiles in Europe in response to NATO's military shield: DailyMail

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The Real War on Science: John Tierney
The Big One: '3.5million homes destroyed and $289billion in damage': DailyMail
Microsoft reboots war on sleep: Signalvnoise


MAGA: It’s The Bomb!: MOTUS
Congresswoman Maloney Talking More Baloney: Hooben
James Achilles Alefantis aka jimmycomet at Comet Ping Pong: Persons of Interest

Image: Superintendent: 5 students killed in Chattanooga school bus crash
Sponsored by: Senate Conservatives Fund

QOTD: "To preserve their integrity, scientists should avoid politics and embrace the skeptical rigor that their profession requires. They need to start welcoming conservatives and others who will spot their biases and violate their taboos. Making these changes won’t be easy, but the first step is simple: stop pretending that the threats to science are coming from the Right. Look in the other direction—or in the mirror." --John Tierney


Anonymous said...

So the Democrats went to the watering trough of Democracy and each is wandering away filthy rich, from Mrs. Robinson and her 160K annual "pension" (or is it reparations) to Hillary's theft, to Barry's 10 million dollar net worth and at least 3 high end homes. But the dude can't find the wherewithal to call off his "sons" from their murdering, rioting, threatening, diversity entitled ways.
In the end, Barry did what he was taught to do from the start and that was to give away other people's money, and 10 plus trillion he did. The loudest voices now are from the "gimme people" who stand to lose free income and free stuff. Listen to their voices, that's the rat hole your money was spent on.
Buh Bye Barry, there's a village in Kenya that has your birth certificate, they might even need an idiot, and a community organizer.

Anonymous said...

Look to our history for why Ellison the Islamist has no business in Congress.

He represents the enemies of America, not Americans.