Saturday, November 26, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: The Bureaucracy Is Now More Powerful Than Congress

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The Bureaucracy Is Now More Powerful Than Congress: Gary Galles
Report: President Obama Urged Hillary Concession Call To Trump: Treehouse
America Called Bulls*** on the Cult of Clinton: Brendan O'Neill

Why Did Obama Kill Successful Aerial Border Surveillance Program?: Ari Lieberman
For Democrats to recover, Nancy Pelosi and her team should go: Dana Milbank
Secret Service Bigs to Obama Detail: You’re Staying in DC: WeaponsMan

Wheels Within Wheels: Steven Hayward
The Mysterious Case Of Jill Stein's Surging Recount Costs: ZH
Obama administration throws cold water on vote recount effort: Bryan Logan

Good News: The American Political System Is Broken!: William Teach
Green Party Fleeces Sheeple and Files for Recount in Wisconsin: Treehouse
Green Party files for vote recount in Wisconsin: state election commission: Reuters


Tom Perez Strikes Out: WSJ
Forest Service trying to seize private land from Montana ranchers: Exam
Trump’s election fuels opposition to Chinese takeovers in US: Asia Times


Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro dies at 90: Exam
Ding, Dong, the Monster's Dead --- Only 60 Years Too Late: Babalu
Castro's Greatest Atrocities and Crimes, Part I: Babalu

Scandal Central

Justice Department Suing Two Towns For Refusing To Build Mosques: Kevin Daley
Issa: Obama Essentially Tried To ‘Jury Tamper’ In Clinton Investigation: Paul Conner
Jeffrey Epstein: How the Hedge Fund Mogul Pedophile Got Off Easy: The Daily Beast (2011)

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Surprise! Greedy Green Energy Corporatists are Clear Felling Protected Forests for Biomass: Eric Worrall


Most Divisive President Ever... Obama Attacks Trump on His Facebook Page: GWP
Fidel’s Flatterers: The U.S. Media’s Decades of Cheering Castro’s Communism: Rich Noyes
Historians Have Absolved Fidel Castro: Humberto Fontova (2006)


Obama Administration is About To Admit Thousands of Refugees Australia Rejected: Katie Pavlich
UK: Two Systems of Justice: Douglas Murray
Russia's Typhoon-Class Submarines Had Enough Nuclear Firepower to Kill Entire Countries: National Interest

Muslims used UK welfare system to fund Paris and Brussels jihad massacres: Robert Spencer
Terrorists launch arson Intifada across Israel: IVN
Column One: The ADL’s new bedfellows: JPost

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Scientists Accidentally Discover Efficient Process to Turn CO2 Into Ethanol: PopMech
Will Technology Force Banks to Cut Millions of Jobs in The Next Decade?: FinExtra
5 Tips to Help You Survive the Rise of the Front-end Engineer Hipster: Clemens Reijnen


The Incredible Flyboard Air: Dasher Films
Make America Great Again or Make America More Like Cuba: MOTUS
16 Signs: C&S

Image: Why Did Obama Shut Down Successful Aerial Surveillance Program on Border?
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QOTD: "Now there’s the Jill Stein/Green Party instigated recount effort under way in Wisconsin and perhaps Michigan. But I thought the idea of election fraud was a Republican boogie man! It is fun watching the left’s continuing meltdown in real time." --Steven Hayward


Anonymous said...

Wow, now that Hillary has put herself behind a recount in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan the Democrat Party's accomplishments can include sex with a corpse.
They certainly are taking heart with the examples set in States like Washington of counting till you win. Gregwire did this by "finding" ballots in car trunks and counting them until she was ahead. Some victory party that, when the goal is to cheat then deem yourself a winner.
When Trump is sworn in he needs to let Sessions put a wooden stake in this one.

commoncents said...

Viral Live Feed - The Cards Against Humanity Holiday Hole

Unknown said...

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