Friday, November 18, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Why Isn't Keith X. Ellison National News?

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Why Isn't Keith X. Ellison National News?: CR
Ted Cruz slams the hypocrisy of the Left over Trump’s big win!: Scoop
Pence Tells House GOP to Get Ready for Sweeping Legislation: Bloomberg

The Ellison Challenge: Caroline Glick
Media already freaking out over Sessions as AG: JWF
The Democrats Won’t Autopsy Their Own Corpse: Kurt Schlichter

Conservatives have once-in-a-lifetime opportunity at state level: Daniel Horowitz
Tim Ryan to challenge Pelosi for minority leader: Politico
Democrat Goes Unhinged Over Trump On House Floor!: RWN

We need new words: The Z Man
It Begins: House Democrats Want Obama To Pardon Illegal Aliens: RWN
Electoral College voters 'deluged' with death threats: Leo Hohmann


‘Sanctuary’ Cities in the Crosshairs: Brendan Kirby
Rahm's Chicago: Families pay $1700 more in taxes, mostly for city pensions: Marathon
“Seeing ‘The New Reality’ GM Moves to Invest $900 Million in Three U.S. Plants": Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

Scandal Central

Treat Sanctuary City Officials The Way Obama Treated Sheriff Joe: Daniel Greenfield
Voter Fraud Is Real. Here’s The Proof: John Gibbs
Democrat Scheme to Run an Absentee Ballot Mill in NC Investigated: Christopher Collins

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Gavin Schmidt Warns Donald Trump Not to Interfere with the NASA Climate Division: Eric Worrall
Obama sets new record for regulations, 527 pages in just one day: Paul Bedard
NOAA September Temperature Fraud: Deplorable Science


That the Left’s Losing Its Mind Over Trump’s Possible Appointments Should Tell You Something: Publius
Muslim Daily Beast, CNN Contributor Tweets: “We will be rioting soon – try to stop us!”: Creeping
They Totally Knew: The People Who Foresaw the Rise of Donald Trump: Leon Neyfakh, Slate

Buzzfeed & Facebook Fake News: Study Methodology Questioned: NRO
Fake News Sites and The Final Solution: Christian Mercenary
'I see dead people,' and they're the liberal media: Deborah C. Tyler


Obama’s Ode to Globalization: Edmund Kozak
Jewish opposition grows to Keith Ellison’s bid to head DNC: JNS
Geert Wilders: “We are slowly but surely losing our freedom of speech”: Robert Spencer

ISIS Recruits Learn to Beat Asylum-Seeker Checks: Clarion
This is No Time to Go Wobbly, Donald: Bruce Thornton
Why tiny Israel can be a natural partner to vast and populous India: Times of India

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Salk Institute discovers how to fix genes to cure untreatable diseases and extend human lifespan: Daily Mail Online
B.S. Detector Lets You Know When You're Reading a "Fake" News Source: Eric Ravenscraft
Facebook buys facial recognition tech startup: Daily Mail Online


The Untold Story: How One 91 Year-Old Woman Helped Donald Trump Win Election: Roddy McCorley
Peer Pressure: Sondrakistan
"American gods" and "useful idiots.": Winter Soldier

Image: Geert Wilders: “We are slowly but surely losing our freedom of speech
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QOTD: "We need to recognize, in my opinion, that we are no longer a free market capitalist society. That is gone. All those things that Reagan and Thatcher did so much to create, environments and societies and communities in which the individual, the small man or woman, could set up a business in whatever sector they chose and if they did well, make money and succeed. Increasingly, that is not happening, and increasingly, the voters who voted Brexit and who voted for Trump are recognizing that this world of big global corporatism gives them no room, and I hope and I pray that Trump quickly puts into place the Reaganite bits of his agenda. When he talked about deregulating small businesses to give them an even break -- please, President Trump, do that as quickly as you can.

When he talks about tax cuts and giving people real incentives and giving a boost to spending within the economy, I totally agree and support that and, frankly, I think it is overdue but genius that somebody in this country recognizes that your rates of corporation tax are completely and totally absurd and that if Trump cuts corporation tax hundreds of billions of dollars will flow back into this country. So, I wish him Godspeed with all of those things." --Nigel Farage

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