Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Ohio State University jihad attacker: Muslim “refugee” Abdul Artan

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Ohio State University jihad attacker: Muslim “refugee” Abdul Artan: JihadWatch
Somali Refugee Stabs Students, Left Blames Guns: DailyWire
Twitter Explodes On Kasich For Opening Refugee Floodgates: Christian Datoc

It’s Official: Michigan Certifies Election: Donald Trump Wins By 10,704 Votes: Treehouse
Pennsylvania State Department Says Stein Missed Recount Deadline: MagaFeed
Wisconsin Denies Request For Recount By Hand As Stein Threatens To Sue: ZH

Irrepressible Conflict: The Z Man
While presidential recount continues, Clinton lawyer wants GOP to stop North Carolina recount: Philip Wegmann
Obama Craps All Over Election Recount Hillary Joined In On: Robert Gehl

Obama plans to push through last-minute ‘midnight regulations’ to limit Trump: RWN
99% Muslim, 43,000 Somali refugees settled in US under Obama: Exam
Texas governor says he will ban sanctuary cities: TheHill

Board of Canvassers certifies Trump victory in Michigan: Freep
Gingrich: Recount effort evidence 'nutty wing' has taken over Democrat party: Fox
4,000 vacant lots on sale for $1 to Chicago homeowners: Robert Channick


Obama Challenges Donald Trump by Expanding H-1B Outsourcing Program: Neil Munro
Businesses brace for decision on H-1B visas in wake of Sessions pick: Adam Shaw
Cash is for Criminals – Taxing Cash Withdrawals from ATMs: TBP

Scandal Central

There will be no recount in Pennsylvania: Jill Stein Perpetrating Election Fraud: Jander Research
It's Not "Rigged" If The Democrats Do It: SDA
Wisconsin Insider on Recount: Expect Massive DNC Vote Fraud to be Exposed: GWP

Climate, Energy & Regulations

The Snows of Settled Science: SDA
Tennessee wildfires threaten resort towns of Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge: USA Today


The Mind of the American College Student: Stuart Schneiderman
The Obama Erasure: "He Came Bearing Hope, He Leaves Full Of Fear": ZH
AP: Avoid using 'alt-right' without context: TheHill

Google Tweaking Top Stories Algorithm To Filter Out Fake News?: SEO Roundtable
Huma Abedin’s sister: DOJ ‘election audit’ could put Hillary in the White House: RWN
Germany’s Merkel Contemplates Social Media Crackdown to Counter “Fake News”: WUWT


A Monster and his Suck-Ups: Fidel Castro, 1926-2016: SteynOnline
Trump administration will pressure foreign states to probe Clinton Foundation: Post
Officials: Plane carrying Brazilian soccer team to Colombia crashes, 75 dead: Steph Solis

France's Politician Dhimmis: Yves Mamou
Cartels Flood Remote Border Sector with Migrants, Overwhelm U.S. Agents: Breitbart
Europe Faces Millions Of New Refugees If Turkey Doesn’t Get What It Wants: WZ

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Why Our First Alien Encounter Could Happen Soon: Simon Worrall
MIT's new method of radio transmission could one day make wireless VR a reality: Chaim Gartenberg
Historical Relics Suggest Vikings Met the Aztecs, and the Outcome Was Not Pretty: Ancient Origins


Andrew Breitbart Warned Us About Podesta Covering Up “Underage Sex Slave Ops” In 2010: MagaFeed
Only You Can Stop Californication: MOTUS
On the Legitimacy of #PizzaGate – the Child Sex Trafficking Ring in Washington DC: Living Resistance

Image: Fires Rage in Gatlinburg
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