Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: The Democrat Elite Intentionally Inflicted the Clintons' Corruption on America

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The Democrat Elite Intentionally Inflicted the Clintons' Corruption on Us: David French
Secret Service Detail: Hillary Clinton Was Drunk Morning of Campaign Rally: TruePundit
Clinton Chief Wanted ‘Decoy’ Leak After Email Scandal Broke: Kathryn Watson

Is Huma Abedin a Spy?: RSW
Pollster: "Dam is About to Break" on Hillary: Paul Joseph Watson
12 Facts About the FBI Investigation of Hillary Clinton's Emails: Charlie Spiering

Hillary already planning her giant victory celebration: Post
Dingy Harry Reid is All Fightin' Mad and Stuff...: Diogenes
No link between Trump and Russians, law enforcement sources say: Breaking News

Podesta's Best Friend At DOJ In Charge Of Probe Into Huma Abedin Emails: ZH
Huma Abedin Hasn't Been on Clinton's Campaign Plane for Three Days: WFB
Huma Claims She Didn’t Know Husband's Device Contained Clinton Emails: RWN


The Left's Vision: Dr. Thomas Sowell

Scandal Central

How FBI boss called attorney-general's bluff before revealing Weiner breakthrough: DailyMail
Donna Brazile Shared More Debate Questions With Clinton, Identified Her Tipster: Chuck Ross
Now Five FBI Field Offices Are Probing Clinton Charity, Adding Fuel To The Fire: Richard Pollock


The Democrat Media Complex in One Image: GayPatriot
The FBI Director Is Damaging Our Democracy Or Something: RWN
A Democrat, A Republican and an Independent All Walk Into a Bar: Liberty Speaks

Peter Thiel Slams The Elites In Historic Speech: Lookout
Occam's Weiner: Mark Steyn
Trump Predicted Huma-Weiner-Clinton Scandal in Hilarious Fashion Back in 2015: Chris Menahan

Hillary’s Emailgate Is An Attack On Women Or Something: William Teach
Networks Aid Clinton’s Bashing of Comey, Calm Worried Supporters: Nicholas Fondacaro
Establishment Hack Comes to Hillary’s Defense: Brent Smith


Lawmaker: Clinton left classified papers in Russia, China: Exam
Immigration Surging; 1.5 Million Arriving Annually: CIS
German Streets Descend into Lawlessness: Soeren Kern

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Your Reusable Tote Bag Actually Isn't as Environmentally Friendly as You Think: AlterNet
Uber Elevate - Taking autonomous transportation to the air via VTOL vehicles: FuturisTech
Google outed an active Windows bug before Microsoft could fix it: TNW


Did Huma Keep Emails in Folder Marked 'Life Insurance'?: Now The End Begins
Happy Halloween: MOTUS
Justice for Danney Williams - Clinton Son MUSIC : Freenauts

Image: Justice for Danney Williams - Clinton Son MUSIC
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QOTD: "In an election season that has been full of surprises, let’s hope the electorate understands that there is at least one thing of which it can be certain: A Hillary Clinton presidency will be built, from the ground up, on self-dealing, crony favors, and an utter disregard for the law.

This isn’t a guess. It is spelled out, in black and white, in the latest bombshell revelation from WikiLeaks. It comes in the form of a memo written in 2011 by longtime Clinton errand boy Doug Band, who for years worked simultaneously at the Clinton Foundation and at the head of his lucrative consulting business, Teneo.

It is astonishingly detailed proof that the Clintons do not draw any lines between their “charitable” work, their political activity, their government jobs or (and most important) their personal enrichment. Every other American is expected to keep these pursuits separate, as required by tax law, anticorruption law and campaign-finance law. For the Clintons, it is all one and the same—the rules be damned." --Kimberley A. Strassel


Anonymous said...

There is no early voting in my State so I have followed Hillary's footsteps with great and abiding interest, she is like a sister to me. I can not for the life of me understand why she would kick her close friend and advisor Huma, to the curb as she has. This has caused me no small concern and forced me to re-think my position. I must confess with all candor that my vote this time will be for Trump. Hillary can plan her party like a wedding reception, but honey, this girl will not be showing up.

JoeKidd said...

Re: http://suckersonparade.blogspot.com/2016/10/dingy-harry-reid-is-fightin-mad-and.html

Missed "Mob Week" on AMC?
No worries...
Democrat "Dingy" #HarryReid is in the news! https://www.facebook.com/notes/joe-kidd/missed-mob-week-on-amc-no-worries-democrat-dingy-harryreid-is-in-the-news/891503877528835/