Sunday, December 22, 2019

California’s Homelessness Crisis and the Impeachment of President Trump

How the Golden State's Devastating Homeless Problem Relates Directly to Impeachment

In a secret investigation, Los Angeles Fox 11 TV sent reporters undercover to Skid Row, accompanying Los Angeles County mental health team members on their mission to help the riskiest individuals.

Their job is overwhelming and depressing, given 60,000 homeless on L.A.'s streets versus their scant numbers.

One of L.A.'s homeless team, accompanied by a camera crew, asked a pointed question: "People say, 'Why don't you do something?', but with what resources?"

Well, at least your state made the wise investment in high-speed rail!

Apart from that, the homeless problem has been greatly excerbated by -- you'll never guess! -- government overreach. One of the more recent of L.A.'s millions of laws and regulations made it easier for violent homeless offenders to stay on the street.

"Protects due process"?

In other words, mentally ill homeless people have far more due process rights than President Trump under the Democrats' entirely partisan "impeachment" process. The President could not have White House counsel attend the Democrats-led auditions interviews. The President's counsel could not call witnesses. The President's counsel could not cross-examine witnesses.

Oh, and remember the "whistleblower"? Once Schiff was found to have colluded with Eric prior to his leakerblower report, the man disappeared more thoroughly than Jimmy Hoffa.

Putting it all together: the most radical, most fascist Democrats are Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and Maxine Waters. All hail from... California.

Impeachment could be their ongoing attempts at deflection from the rampant failures of blue state governance in Cali.

Trump's focus on boosting manufacturing jobs -- highly compensated blue-collar workers -- is quantitatively successful, as evidenced by record-setting inflows of investments and net exports.

Impeachment is about contrasts.

Contrasts in political philosophy, contrasts in honesty, and contrasts in economic success.

Trump's economy can easily be contrasted with Democrats' failed hellholes.

So, look over there, peasant! We impeached Trump!

Hat tip: BadBlue Uncensored News.


Anonymous said...

The last numbers given for these California homeless was 130,000. Think of Billings, MT as being nothing but homeless people and let that sink in.
If the FEMA camps are real let's start using them.

Anonymous said...

You know....that cruise boat thing sounds like a good idea. But don't dock it...take it out into the bay or even into the ocean a mile or two. Sort of like a floating institution - with no access to drugs. Dry out the druggies, determine which ones require psychiatric help and act accordingly.