Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Larwyn`s Linx: Attorney General Barr Rips Brennan and Comey

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Sam Houston and the Alamo Avengers: The Texas Victory That Changed American History Hardcover, by Brian Kilmeade
Attorney General Barr Rips Brennan and Comey: Pam Key
'Aghast' at Obama AG's involvement in FBI Trump probe: Fmr Ind Counsel: Matt London
Full Interview: AG Barr Discusses IG Report and FBI Institutional Issues: CTH

The Senate and Impeachment Dynamic: CTH
Live From ComeyWorld: Scott Johnson
Barr: Sure Seems Like FBI Acted In “Bad Faith” In Crossfire Hurricane: Ed Morrissey

1 Minor Judge Shouldn’t Be Able to Block Trump’s Agenda: Rep. Michael Cloud
Gov. Ralph Northam: Register Your AR-15 or Hand It Over: AWR Hawkins
Virginia Dems Cave on Confiscation as 2A Sanctuaries Expand: Stephen Gutowski

AG Bill Barr One-on-One With Wall Street Journal: CTH
Democrats Abandon Poll-Tested ‘Bribery’ In Articles Of Impeachment: Virginia Kruta
Adam Schiff: Congress Must Impeach Trump to Stop Him in 2020: Hannah Bleu


Exxon Defeats Climate Crusading AG’s Attempt To Crush Big Oil: Chris White
Native Venezuelan, Now Proud American, Warns of ‘Fruits of Socialism’: Daniel Davis
USMCA Has Bipartisan Support: Senate Leader Mitch Jinping Says Not-so-Fast: CTH

Scandal Central

IG Report Confirms Schiff FISA Memo Media Praised Was Riddled With Lies: Mollie Hemingway
Barr criticizes FBI, says it's possible agents acted in 'bad faith' in Trump probe: The Hll
So Obama knew all along about the FBI bid to spy on his rival: Monica Showalter

IG Report Reveals James Comey Lied To Fox News Anchor Bret Baier About Steele Dossier: Chrissy Clark
Former CIA director John Brennan caught lying to Congress: M. Dowling
Mark Levin responds to Democrat articles of impeachment against Trump: Scoop


WaPo reporter @shaneharris has been lying to the public this whole time. Let's keep it going.: @Techno_Fog
Rand Paul To Media: Why Aren’t You Slamming Schiff’s “Immoral, Unfair” Seizure Of Phone Records?: Ed Morrissey
Lisa Page Sues Justice Department for ‘Unlawfully’ Disclosing Texts with Peter Strzok: Tobias Hoonhout

Quinnipiac: Opposition To Impeachment And Removal Reaches 51%, Highest Number: Hot Air
President Trump Massive MAGA-KAG Rally in Hershey Pennsylvania: CTH
Lisa Page sues DOJ, FBI over alleged privacy violations: Zack Budryk


Trade Dynamics – Secretary Wilbur Ross Discusses *The Big Picture* of Ongoing Trade Resets: CTH
China bans all government departments from using US-made technology: Daniel Cooper
Spain's 'Migrant Friendly' Border Fences: Soeren Kern

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

FTC warns Christmas buyers that smart toys are a security risk: Sophos
Bitcoin ‘Can Be’ A Reliable Financial Instrument After All: Mark Cuban: William Suberg
Facebook Drops 16 Spots on Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work in 2020 List: AdWeek


Give It a Rest: MOTUS
Actor Gary Sinise sends 1,000 children of fallen servicemen to Walt Disney World: Faith Ridler
Dead in the Water: Earl of Taint



commoncents said...

THIS WAS RIGGED: Ted Cruz LIGHTS UP FBI Over Wiretapping Donald Trump (Video)

Anonymous said...

Barr "rips Brennan and Comey."

Don't verbally "rip" them. PROSECUTE THEM!!!