Friday, December 20, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: Former intelligence chiefs fit perfectly into media advocacy culture

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Former intelligence chiefs fit perfectly into media advocacy culture: Victor Davis Hanson
Levin: Pelosi's Latest Impeachment Stunt Brazenly Unconstitutional: Katie Pavlich
The Way This Can End Even If Pelosi Withholds the Articles: EIB

Impeachment in Two Words: So What?: I&I
Bummer: Trump Isn’t Impeached Until the House Tells the Senate: Noah Feldman
Ginsburg Hints: Senators Who Can’t Be Impartial Should be Disqualified: Hot Air

6 Reasons Pelosi’s Obstruction Gambit On Impeachment Is A Disaster: Federalist
Incoherent Nancy Pelosi Releases the Flying Monkeys: CTH
McConnell Taunts Pelosi: She’s ‘Too Afraid’ to Send Impeachment to Senate: Rusty Weiss

Total Warfare Politics: Liberty’s Torch
McConnell: “House Conduct Damaged the Institutions of American Government”: CTH
House Dems Close Up Shop Without Sending Impeachment to Senate: Tyler O’Neil

Democrat Debate

Pete Buttigieg pummeled by 2020 Democratic rivals over ‘wine cave' fundraiser: Emily Larsen
Warren pledges to read names of murdered transgender women of color annually from Rose Garden: Madison Dibble
Biden denounces Obama on Afghanistan surge: 'We should not have done it': Zachary Halaschak

Buttigieg Committs to Reparations for Illegals, Not African Americans: Haris Alic
Biden Appeared Lost and Confused on Debate Stage in L.A.: Wayne Dupree
Biden imitates small child stuttering: Mike Brest


Trump Gets Massive Post-Impeachment Victory As USMCA Passes House: Ryan Saavedra
Democrats’ new plan: Tax breaks for millionaires: Matt Gaetz
House Ratifies USMCA Trade Agreement 385-41, Then Dems Head for The Exits: CTH

Scandal Central

US Attorney John Huber Is Alive and Well: Stu Cvrk
Ilhan Omar called an adulteress in court as her Democratic aide lover and his wife formally divorce: DailyMail
Missing surveillance footage of Jeffrey Epstein’s jail-cell suicide attempt has been found: prosecutors: NYDN


Another Anti-Semitic Incident In New York For The National Media To Ignore: John Sexton
'Stop it!': Ilhan Omar tries to shout down Kevin McCarthy for quoting her 'impeach the motherf---er' remark: Exam
Obama's former doc says Biden 'not a healthy guy': Sam Dorman

Impeachment Is Hurting The GOP So Badly That They Just Broke A Fundraising Record: Jazz Shaw
In just a few words, JK Rowling has changed the transgender debate: James Kirkup
‘Trump Is Just A Small Shadow Of The Awaking Giant He Represents’: RedPilledNews


U.N. Peacekeepers Fathered Hundreds of Children in Haiti with Girls as Young as Eleven: Report: Zachary Evans
The End of a Jewish Presence in Europe?: Guy Millière
US Watching North Korea for 'Christmas Gift' Missile Launch: VOA

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Scientists find cheaper way to make hydrogen energy out of water: Lachlan Gilbert
2020 iPhone rumored to feature sensor-shift image stabilization camera system: Benjamin Mayo
DNA imaged with electron microscope for the first time: Roland Pease


Fear of Fritterware: American Digest
Words of wisdom from a gun store’s sign board: Wow!
We Live In Parallel Universes: Well Done Dems.: MOTUS


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Anonymous said...

By Galli, christianity today is toilet paper.
Heresy means "your choice".
My father in law, when I married his daughter asked if I knew the difference between hand towels and toilet paper. When I said "no", he suggested that I not use his bathroom. CT can kiss the Democrat's ass, they made their choice.