Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: Republicans are the party of civil liberties as Democrats walk away

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Republicans are the party of civil liberties as Democrats walk away: Kristin Tate
The only guilty party during impeachment is Adam Schiff: Samuel Dewey
The Flight 94 Election?: Kaus

Democratic Presidential Clown Car Update for December 23, 2019: BattleSwarm
Ann Coulter: Address Immigration or the Nuttiest Democrats Prevail: Alana Mastrangelo
Kearns: noncitizen registered to vote under Green Light Law: Ali Touhey

Pete Buttigieg doesn't have a plan on immigration. He has a welcome mat: Eddie Scarry
Giuliani: Yovanovitch Quashed Probe Into Missing $5.3 Billion in Ukraine Aid: Debra Heine
Leaving your car running, unattended is against the law in Illinois: Jim Moran

13 wounded in mass shooting at memorial party for carjacker at Chicago home: Marathon
Virginia AG to 2A Sanctuaries: New Gun Controls 'Will Be Enforced': AWR Hawkins
ATF: 423M guns in America, 1.2 per person, 8.1B rounds of ammunition a year: Paul Bedard


Good morning and Happy Festivus! Today there will be many, many grievances aired...: @RandPaul
Will Illinois' population continue to shrink?: Cole Lauterbach
Here’s How Bad San Francisco’s Poop Problem Got In 2019: Peter Hasson

Scandal Central

Hunter Biden allegedly linked to multiple criminal probes: Post
New York Times Turns Eye of Sauron onto U.S. Attorney John “Bull” Durham: CTH
diGenova on Former NSA Director Mike Rogers Working With U.S. Attorney John Durham: CTH


New York Times Turns Eye of Sauron onto U.S. Attorney John “Bull” Durham: CTH
CNN analyst warns Pelosi: Withholding impeachment articles isn't 'sustainable': Carlin Becker
What Trump has done to the courts, explained (as described by a bitter, left-wing kook): Ian Millhiser

Doug Collins Discusses Possibility of Representing President Trump in Senate Impeachment: CTH
Soros-Brock writer says it’s “dangerous…racist” to interview white GOP Trump voters: M. Dowling
This isn't about gun control. Be honest, it's disdain for guns and gun owners : Matt Gurney


Trump admin begins dropping deported Mexicans farther from border, making reentry harder: Jason Hopkins
Pelosi Jr. Worked In Ukraine With Accused Fraudster Facing Prison: Patrick Howley
The Real World Intrudes on the UN Climate Conference: William R. Hawkins

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

New AI System Can Predict Epileptic Seizures One Hour Ahead of Time With 99.6% Accuracy: GNN
What a decade! Our baddest stories and biggest lessons, year by year…: Sophos
SU-57 Felon Advanced Fighter Crashes In Russia: Tyler Rogoway


Music of the day – Angels We Have Heard On High: Stella’s Place
Christmas Eve Is Upon Us: MOTUS
Bill Clinton’s Epic Jeffrey Epstein Misdirection Plan: Virgil



commoncents said...

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Anonymous said...

Interesting, the idiot at Kausfiles thinks bumping Trump would calm the Country down, but he fails to recognize that in many cases the old paths are the better paths as they restore original design. It's about being simplly right vs. simply wrong. The Author spends too many words trying to convince that Flight 94 was something real:
Paging Bob Avelinni, Paging Bob Avelinni... please pick up the pink phone.

Anonymous said...

Kaus is a poor devil's advocate. Assuming a position for arguments sake just makes an argument. Kind of like Northam. Is his latest move one to jail people or is it a way to shovel big bucks to the prison system? Does Northam show premeditation by setting infants aside to die in death rooms in the same way he is showing premeditation by ordering a million body bags from DoD? Did the Right really roll over for Barry or did the Mulatto effectively wage war against them using the IRS, the FBI and the other alphabet Agencies? Do we argue about it with Bartin, or do we set our positions with a willingness to defend what is right. Trump has given us that, it's something else to be grateful for this Christmas.