Friday, December 13, 2019

Larwyn`s Linx: We Asked The 31 House Democrats From Trump Districts How They Would Vote On Impeachment

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Andrew Jackson and the Miracle of New Orleans: The Battle That Shaped America's Destiny
We Asked 31 House Democrats From Trump Districts How They Would Vote: Henry Rodgers
Dems hiding Transcript Revealing How ‘Whistleblower Got Caught With Schiff’: Debra Heine
GOP Rep. Tag-Teams with Jordan to Destroy Democrat Sham Impeachment Process: GWP

'Nadler's integrity is zero': Ranking GOP House Judiciary member erupts: Jon Brown
Jerry Nadler: 'We Cannot Rely on an Election' to Get Rid of Trump: Matt Margolis
How Dems Narrowed Charges To Protect Themselves: Scott Morefield

How The IG FISA Abuse Report Affects Michael Flynn’s Case: Margot Cleveland
Mike Pence blows smoke rings at Adam Schiff: Monica Showalter
Mark Levin calls Trump 'first Jewish president': Joe Concha

2,500 murder arrests: ICE report reveals huge illegal alien crime wave: Daniel Horowitz
ICE report: the border crisis has hurt interior immigration enforcement: Nate Madden
'How are you going to do it?': Biden shrugs off Warren attack: Joseph Simonson


Remembering Paul Volcker, the man who tamed inflation: Scott Sumner
President Trump Pushes European Allies To Provide More Help For Ukraine: OAN
Trump Approves U.S.-China Trade Deal to Halt Dec. 15 Tariffs: Bloomberg

Scandal Central

Bongino may have found the FBI “insurance policy” against Trump: RS
Unsolved from Obama era: Court finally to probe Democrats' IT scandal: WND
‘People Want Justice’: Rep. Jody Hice Talks IG Report and Impeachment: Daniel Davis

Scot free? FBI declares it has no records of discipline against lawyers in Russia FISA case: John Solomon
MSNBC host blasts Comey for going public with Steele dossier 'pee tape' story: Daniel Chaitin
John Brennan deflects questions about Carter Page FISA process to FBI: Daniel Chaitin


Gun-Runner Eric Holder Says Bill Barr Is Too Political to Be Attorney General: PJM
CNN Admits: Democrats Lied About Trump's Phone Call With Zelensky: PJM
Trump’s Hershey Rally Illustrates the Contrast Between the Two Parties: EIB

Media Attack on John Solomon Is an Attack on the Free Press: C. Boyden Gray
Bias On Display: Hannity
14-year old beaten on school bus by bullies for wearing a Trump hat; now hospitalized: Daily Mail


Jeremy Corbyn quits as Labour leader after being steamrolled by Boris Johnson: Zachary Halaschak
Denmark: Twenty Muslims arrested as jihad massacre plot is foiled: Robert Spencer
Afghanistan Papers make Trump’s case for ending the war: Jamie McIntyre

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Trump Campaign Manager: Twitter, Google Engaged in ‘Voter Suppression’, Nixing Political Ads: Alex Parker
NASA finds water ice just below the surface of Mars: Georgina Torbet
How a Pastor and His Daughter Saved Lives During Deadly New Zealand Volcano Eruption: WJ


A Throwback Thursday and FLOTUS Friday Mashup: MOTUS
A Trifecta of Genius: Diogenes
Treason’s Greetings: Stilton’s Place



Anonymous said...

dRATS impeachment imbroglio has become Hillary's altered face (as posted on Drudge) sporting chemically peeled skin, surgically plumped cheeks, gifted with the mouth and mustache of a pipe smoking old man and still identified by a turkey's neck.

Anonymous said...

Eeew, put that one on all fours and it will bark.