Monday, December 23, 2019

Larwyn’s Linx: America Must Confront The Enemy From Within

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Make America Great Again MAGA Vintage Adjustable Baseball Cap Denim
America Must Confront The Enemy From Within: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton
The ‘Impeachment’ of Donald Trump: Roger Kimball
Rep. McCarthy calls FISA report fallout a 'modern day Watergate': Fox

Your Vote for President Donald Trump Produced...: CTH
Fisa Court Committed a Fraud upon America: Daniel John Sobieski
Sen. Doug Jones (D) Will Vote Against Impeachment if ‘Dots Aren’t Connected’: Jeff Charles

The FBI’s Darkest Hour: Adam Mill
Sunday Talks: Chairman Lindsey Graham -vs- Maria Bartiromo: CTH
Sen. Graham: 'I Want to Know How Far Up the Chain' Spygate Went: Susan Jones

Why we must fear, challenge, and expunge the word “Islamophobia”: Mark Pickles
Muslim American Airlines Mechanic Pleads Guilty To Sabotaging Plane: CBS-4
Court Deadline Tomorrow – DC Appellate Case For Mueller Grand Jury Evidence: CTH


Trump wins: China will lower import tariffs on over 850 products from January 1: Reuters
HUD: Homeless population in California jumps by double digits: Ken Kurson
San Francisco spends this much per day to try to keep poop and needles off of the streets: Twitchy

Scandal Central

FISA Court Refuses Review Of FBI Deception: @Techno_Fog
Now we know why the FBI (Wray) has gone to such great lengths to keep Pientka away from Congress: @Techno_Fog
Why Did Robert Mueller Choose Not to Tell Americans that the Dossier was False?: RS


Trump Flag MAGA Hoodie
Here Comes The Boom: Intellectual Froglegs
12 Stories The Media Got Horribly Wrong In 2019: Tristan Justice
Sunday Talks: Marc Short -vs- Chuck Todd: CTH


International Criminal Court Opens Probe Against Israel: Vijeta Uniyal
Iran unveils development at Arak reactor in face of U.S. pressure: Reuters
Anti-Iran protesters demonstrate in Iraq: TOI

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Conservative think tank hits back at ‘outrageous’ claims by Tucker: Madison Dibble
Hubble’s Close-Up of Spiral’s Disk, Bulge: Charles Rotter
The Hidden Military Use of 5G Technology: Manlio Dinucci


Coast Guard rescues surfer after 'truly terrifying' shark attack: Carlin Becker
MOTUS Guide To Watching Hallmark Christmas Movies: MOTUS
Get Your Kleenex Handy – The 2019 Collectible Of The Year: Earl of Taint



Thomas Moore said...

And as I understand this tragedy NOT ONE has been arrested, no one to trial and no one imprisoned for treason and actual crimes. No one. I keep hearing those should be in fear and fear of what? The real untouchables are out there today living in no fear at all for they are above any law and they know that. So monkey boy will live out his life in cush and comfort and who of the monkey kingdom will ever go to court? Any of them? I doubt that very much.

Anonymous said...

This is NOT a current day Watergate. IT IS MUCH WORSE AND INVOLVED MANY FEDERAL EMPLOYEES from various agencie—I predict more agencies than the FBI, DOJ, CIA, were involved.